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Daily Harvest, Delivered Lane, Boligee, AL, USA

7 months ago

Delivered Lane, 35443 Alabama, United States

I wanted to report that my pregnant daughter started eating Daily Harvest products on approximately April 24, 2022. She experienced nausea, vomiting on 3 occasions and stomach pains. Because she was entering into the 2nd trimester of pregnancy she was told these symptoms were normal. About 3 weeks after eating it there was no heartbeat for the baby. She was induced and gave birth to a stillborn baby. While hospitalized she was told her liver numbers were extremally high. After hearing of the issues with Daily Harvest she now thinks this could be linked to her sons death.

We are not sure but after hearing about Daily Harvest she fears that it could be a mycotoxin that she was eating. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting


I am so sorry to hear that. How heart breaking.
2 Reply 7 months ago
Very sorry for the loss of your baby 😞
Reply 7 months ago
This is abhorrent. I am so sorry for your loss.
Reply 6 months ago

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I have twice read this unpunctuated, unedited, discombobulated, stream-of-conciousness (or unconciousness) report. Apparently the victim of the food poisoning purchased a plastic container of Panera's potato soup at a Food City grocery and consumed some of it a day later. But neither the report nor the photo present the exact name of the product that caused the food poisoning. The photo of the container only shows "" at the bottom of the label on the back of the container. Why not photograph the front label to clearly identify the product's name?

I'm wondering what the
expiration date was on the container or whether the plastic seal beneath the lid had been breached. Always check.

Eat, drink, and be merry. But be cautious, too.

Reply 4 hours ago
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