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Product: Pizza

Reports Last 7 Days 103


Yesterdays reheated Pizza was Bad.It tasted funny. A tangi taste that stayed in roof of your mouth.10 minutes after eating I got a bad case of Diarrhea. Bad. How Bad.(I didnt make to a bathroom before soiling myself) Read More

Oct 18 1:24pm

Domino's Pizza, West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting


Pepperoni Pizza yesterday. Sick all night. Read More


Ordered a Chicken and Bacon stuffed Pizza on October 18 2018. Took it home cooked it and ate it around 8 pm. Woke up around 4 am with very painful diarrhea. I got it again around 7 am 8 am and 9 am despite taking my first round of Imodium around 7 and again at 8. This is the first time I have had a problem at this restaurant. Read More


Order a Pizza takeaway - eat it on my way home and got sick with in 2 hours Read More


We ordered a super papa Pizza and a 6 piece Buffalo wings. The Buffalo Wings was over breaded (for me). It looks unusual. We were very disappointed with the Buffalo wings. We didnt know that it would cause more trouble. Read More

Oct 17 6:18pm

Papa John's Pizza, East Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting


Ate approximately five slices of Pizza on October 14th between 330 p.m. and 7 p.m. Got the Pepperoni thin Crust and also a regular Crust Italian Sausage with onion.Started feeling queasy at 800 p.m. Ran to the bathroom at 830 p.m. and didnt leave for over an hour. Spouse drove me home and as soon as I entered the house I vomited like a little kid at a poorly run daycare. It was very bad. Woke up several times during the night as this continued. Could not even sip water. Had a fever with sweating and chills body ache head ache.Spent the entire next day in bed shivering and sweating taking small sips of water and eventually eating some Plain chicken. Three days later and I no longer have bathroom issues and fever but stomach is still not back to normal. I am certain the Pizza caused this because the only other food I had that day was the same Chicken that arrived fully cooked and that I also ate yesterday and the day before without issues. both my husband and me. sickness started approximately five hours after eating. Read More

Oct 16 8:00pm

Papa John's Pizza, Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea


Got what I normally do. Pineapple and Beef but this time it didnt end well. I got woken up at 4am in the morning with severe stomach Cramps and spent the last 2 days in and out of the bathroom. Will not eat there again. Read More


I ordered a Pizza (Half & Half Meteor & Pepperoni) Potato Wedges Garlic Pizza Bread 7x Franks Hot Wings Cookies & 3x BBQ Dips on the 14th September at 2052 from your Barming Maidstone store for myself and my wife. The order arrived at 2115 and we ate it straight away. At around 2140 my wife rushed to the toilet with bad stomach Cramps and diarrhoea. She told me she was in terrible pain and didnt feel well. I also the started to get stomach Cramps but no diarrhoea. We ate the same food apart from the Chicken Wings which my wife just had. She did say at the time that the Pizza meat didnt smell right but didnt think anything of it. She continued to go to and through the toilet so I decided to try and contact the store with no success. After not being able to reach the store I decided to use the contact form online to raise my complaint. I received a prompt response at 2258 asking me to complete a questionnaire which I did. I then received a letter in the post dated the 19th September to say my complaint had been investigated but that you were not willing to do anything further. I was offered 50% off my next order of 15 or more which I found very insulting.On the 23rd September I emailed a response to this letter to state that I did not agree with the findings and that I was insulted by the offer. I asked that the response be re-considered as I was not even offered a refund let alone compensation for the experience and inconvenience. I asked for a response within seven working days but have not had any response. I have made it clear that I will approach the media and publish my story on social media to warn others of the fact they may get food poisoning eating at dominos Barming. I will also put posters up around the store to highlight the risk. I am appalled by the service received from such a big company and will not settle until I have a satisfactory outcome. Read More

Oct 16 2:15pm

Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Nausea Vomiting


Had lunch and dinner in the park, me and my wife both ended up six about 9 hours later, we both ate burgers at the yum yum cafe yum yum cafe and premo pizza Read More

Oct 16 10:13am

Pizza Boli's, Bowie Road, Laurel, MD, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting


I ordered Pizza BOLIS Friday 1012 Saturday I was feeling weak and Sunday I was vomiting and going to bathroom ALOT and became dehydrated from diahrea now Tuesday 1016 I am feeling a little better Read More