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Product: Pork



Persons Reported Sick Last 7 Days

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse, North La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Chills
“Variety of food eaten. Only thing I had different than my companion was the pork, sausage, bacon wrapped filet, caasar salad and cheese and She did not get sick I did however, fever, chills and diarrhea for about 36 hours. First bout in bathroom at the restaurant. ”
Reported By User

Taco Del Mar / Catering, West Main Avenue, Spokane, WA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting Dehydration Dizziness Weakness
“Had fish tacos and a pork burrito, threw up that night and continued to do so until late into last night, very dizzy, dehydrated and weak. ”
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, West Loop 289, Lubbock, Texas, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Dehydration
“Doordash order (2nd time within past year) - salad - some type of dressing...think it was pork Symptoms about 45 mins later. Just me thankfully no one else. I felt like death...Diarrhea nausea dehydration ”
Reported By User

CHACHI'S, Macleod Trail Southwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“I ate at around 5 pm, I bought the mac and cheese pork sandwich. I have consistently been going to the bathroom whith what seems to be diarrhea and have nausea and I feel like vomiting ”
Reported By User

Chilango, Tooley Street, London, UK

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“I had a pork burrito and got diarrhoea and nausea ”
Reported By User

Chester's Asia Chinese Restaurant, Pickwick Drive, Camarillo, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Headache Stomach Pain
“Are here on a Sunday with family. We had soup, egg rolls and lunch specials — chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. Everyone started feeling the effects shortly after eating and going home. The kids became irritable and complained of stomach and headache pain later on. I went home and proceeded... See More to pass out. Woke up disoriented and had to deal with vomiting and diarrhea into the next morning. I’m not sure how the other people in our party are feeling yet today, but I imagine they went through a similar ordeal. Will never eat here again.
Reported By User

Trader Joe's, Kuykendahl Road, The Woodlands, TX, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Nausea Other
“My entire family of 5 is sick with food poisoning after eating chicken. This happened recently with lamb and pork from there as well, we are no longer buying meat from them. We over cook our meats so i know its not from undercooking. ”
Reported By User

Mini Wok, Joo Koon Circle, Fairprice HUB, Singapore

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Vomiting Cramps Stomach Pain
“Ate the pork and ginger wok bowl at 7:30pm 11/1/2020. Within 15 mins after finishing, had bad stomach cramps, proceeded to vomit, abdominal pain. Took one full to day to recover after bed. ”
Reported By User

PF Changs Frozen Pork Ramen, Target

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea
“Frozen Pork Ramen purchased there. Had diarrhea immediately after eating half on Friday and made the 2nd half of it today and just got bad diarrhea again. ”
Reported By User
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Liliha Bakery at Macy's Ala Moana, Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, HI, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Sweating
“On December 29th I went at 4:30 pm for an early dinner because I had not eaten anything but cereal that day in the early morning. So I was hungry and ordered the pork dinner. Around midnight I began to sweat and have a fever, by 3 am I was... See More vomiting, with diarrhea violently. I could not get out of bed the next 2 days. When I finally made it to the doctor i was told I had extreme food poisoning which I already knew as the taste of the pork lingered and made me feel sick just thinking about it. It destroyed my New Years Celebration as I could not go out. On January 2nd i went to the location that poisoned me and they did nothing to help. They had NO SUPERVISORS which clearly means on any level especially food safely. I called the Hawaii CDC and they told me this company was sighted back in June/ July time frame for unsanitary conditions. Then I called the main office and all they said is that they were "sorry" and would have a supervisor call me which took forever. When they did they demanded that to refund my $21.23 that I had to go get a doctors note so they could turn it into their insurance. This company CARES NOTHING FOR ITS CUSTOMERS AND HAD BEEN SIGHTED RECENTLY FOR UNSANITARY CONDITIONS. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE... or you could suffer for over a week just like me.
Reported By User

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