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Product: Pizza


Kraus' Pizza, Middlebranch Avenue Northeast, Canton, OH, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“I became very ill after eating Wings, pizza and jojo’s.  I was up most of the night vomiting.  I’m very weak today.  I won’t be eating there again.   Vomiting and diarrhea began at 1:30 am  after eating the wings, pizza and jojo’s at 5:30 pm.  ”
Reported By User

Pizza Hut, Wadsworth Parkway, Westminster, CO, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea
“I had two slices of meat lovers pizza and it got to us an hour after we ordered it. It was room temp at best and I had nausea and diarrhea for a 2 day. ”
Reported By User

Papa John's Pizza, East Gannon Avenue, Zebulon, NC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“Got a large pepperoni pizza and cheese sticks from this place last night at around 9pm 1/17/2020 and went home ate with a buddy of mine took him home after working on our cars and we both were up all night sick as dogs off this food throwing up and... See More even called this store back to tell the manager what happened and all he did was say sorry I can offer you a free pizza next time like seriously you think im ever coming back to that nasty store your out your mind he didn’t even seem concerned the food was contaminated and could care less his food got us sick. Don’t go there place is a dump and by the looks of it ran by a bunch of dirty people that can’t cook a pizza without getting their germs all over it. FDA will be notified today and I pray no one else has to go through what we did absolutely terrible experience stay away from there.
Reported By User

2 Amys, Macomb Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting
“Possibly arugula on a pizza Yesterday evening I had a pizza with olives and my partner had a pizza with arugula at about 8 pm. About 8 hrs later, my partner threw up a few times over a 4 hour period.  (I have had no symptoms).  ”
Reported By User

Pizza Hut, South 17th Street, Wilmington, NC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Nausea Vomiting Cramps
“I was feeling great. Picked up my kid and we went to have dinner. We ordered two separate entrees. I ordered a supreme pan pizza. Within an hour and a half I was having severe stomach cramps, nausea. Then suddenly the profuse projectile vomiting occurred until dry heaves. Please do... See More not eat at here
Reported By User

Papa John's Pizza, South Suncoast Boulevard, Homosassa, FL, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Headache
“Had 2 slices of pizza and 2 garlic knots at 1:00pm 1/17/20. At 8:00 pm I was throwing up and by 3:00am I could not stop throwing up, had diarrhea and could hardly move. Severe headache came on and temperature soared to 102 degrees. The vomiting stopped about 11am Friday... See More but I was extremely nauseous. I was bed ridden for the day extremely thirsty. I feel a little better now, Saturday, drinking gatorade this morning feel about 60%. Havent eaten since Thursday. I was the only person who ate the food and I live with two seniors who are not sick.
Reported By User

Gordon's Pizza, 3044 New Castle Ave, New Castle, DE 19720, United States

Tipo de Reporte: Cierre Temporal - relacionado a seguridad alimentaria
“Date Closed: 01/08/2020

It was closed on Jan. 8 due to an "imminent health hazard," according to the inspection report. The eatery was allowed to reopen on Jan. 10.

The inspector found "live roaches under the grill, inside the pizza station bain marie, under the pizza preparation table, and in... See More the dry storage area," according to the report. Dead and living roaches were also seen on "glue pads" behind kitchen equipment. Source:
Reported By User

Papa John's Pizza, 2080 N University Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, United States

Tipo de Reporte: Cierre Temporal - relacionado a seguridad alimentaria
“Date Closed: 01/08/2020

High Priority - Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 1 live under pizza prep table in kitchen 1 live under 4 door true low boy cooler in kitchen 2 live on floor in customer sitting area Manager discarded all live roaches found and sanitized... See More area Intermediate - Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food prepared onsite and held more than 24 hours not properly date marked. No date marking on cut tomatoes in WIC. Per manager tomatoes were cut the day prior. Employee placed date marking **Corrected On-Site** Source:
Reported By User

Taco Bell, East Belt Line Road, Richardson, Texas, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Nausea Other
Mexican Pizza, 10:20pm Jan. 16, 2020:

Purchased this Mexican pizza, around 10:20 on 16 January 2020
Simultaneously with immediate bite, felt a raw, chemical burn sensation in esophagus, nausea, bleach-type smell, peroxide type aftertaste, and rest of pizza smelled like "peanut butter crackers with the expiration expired by 3+ years"... See More (distinct preservatives type????). I called local ER as 'courteous call' for public information use in case this was not an isolated incident. The ER advised to call Poison Control. Poison Control could not understand why I was sharing this information for public use, even for the possible intentional contamination of food served to the general public. They advised to throw away the remains and call Public Health Services tomorrow. Or (as they laughed), advised calling the police after drinking a glass of water. Really? Nobody handles anything off the script? BTW, This is a frequent order of mine and a perennial favorite. This specimen is in no way an ordinary example, food allergy, or culinary review. This is for food safety and public welfare.
Reported By User

Harris Teeter, The Corners at Brier Creek, Corners Parkway, Raleigh, NC, USA

Tipo de Reporte: Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria
Sнntomas: Diarrhea Vomiting
Pepperoni 4 out of 5 people got sick from eating homemade pizza with ingredients. 2 of the 4 people needed IV fluids due to the severity of the vomiting and diarrhea. ”
Reported By User
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