Jimmy John's - FDA Warning re Sprouts Outbreaks

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Jimmy John's - FDA Warning re Sprouts Outbreaks
“The FDA alongside the CDC issued a warning letter to Jimmy John’s over the several outbreaks linked to this restaurant chain. They state that Jimmy John’s developed a pattern to receive and sell adulterated fresh produce, specifically clover sprouts and cucumbers.

Jimmy John’s have been involved in the following outbreaks in recent years:

- 2019. E. coli O103 (STEC). 22 persons sick.
- 2018. Salmonella Montevideo. 10 people sick.
- 2014. E. coli O102 (STEC). 19 persons sick.
- 2013. E. coli O157:H7 (STEC). 8 people sick.
- 2012. E. coli O26. 29 persons sick.
- 2010. Salmonella. 7 people sick.
- 2010. Salmonella. 140 persons sick.
- 2010. Salmonella Saintpaul. 256 people sick.
- 2008. E. coli O157: NM(H). 28 persons sick.

These outbreaks indicate that the corporate mechanisms to control their suppliers are inadequate, according to the FDA, which is why they now require that Jimmy John’s submit the full description on how they will prevent the reception and selling of adulterated food, especially sprouts, on all of their locations.

Although the letter recognizes previous actions taken by the company on this matter, in light of the continuous outbreaks the FDA demands a response within 15 days addressing the issues previously mentioned.

You can check the full letter on the FDA website fda.gov

Source: FDA”
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