McDonald's, Newtown Road, Danbury, CT, USA Food Safety

cleanliness 3 weeks ago
67 Newtown Road, Danbury, 06810 Connecticut, United States
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“We have a number of problems at this store and the most recent that I’ve noticed is our grill cleaning process. As a former employee of this store I can tell you from what I’ve seen we do not clean our grill properly. We do not use the correct tools or gear to clean but we do use grill cleaner. Normally the store is too busy to stop serving food so the kitchen people clean as fast as they can leaving chemicals everywhere and leave their same cleaning or food prep gloves on and continue to serve food. Best times not to visit 11am and 11pm the kitchen will do their clean up process and the food has a awful taste that will make you sick. Use caution and if it taste bad, don’t eat it!”
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