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KFC Manresa, parking Carrefour, Carrer de Alvar Aalto, 08243 Manresa, Barcelona, Spain

Latest report: November 18, 2023 10:24 AM

Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Something else

3 months ago

We usually order twice a month from KFC, and this never happened to us, but last night my partner and I got poisoned at the time of eating food, my partner has more tolerable symptoms and I can only tolerate liquids after vomiting, diarrhea and joint pain... See More after 15 hours have passed... It's a shame because we like products, but we can't go unnoticed for our own good and that of other people. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Something else See Less

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48 hours after eating a Kfc burger and a kit kat ice cream, I had nausea then vomiting and acute diarrhea for 2 days nonstop... | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

About a year ago I ate the Hot Wings promotion for Wednesday for dinner and in the middle of the same night I was filled with vomiting, stomach aches, and chills. Almost 1 year later, I decided to try to try it again and the exact same... See More situation happened. This has never happened to me anywhere else and twice in a row with a difference of 1 year, it only proves that it could be the quality of the chicken. Chicken both times looked terrible, cold, and tasted like oil. I think that with the Wednesday promotion, the leftover chicken leftover from the several days will be used. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Chills, Stomach Pain See Less

Have visited this store a few times and the food has always been below average (lukewarm, greasy, soggy) and the service often times worse. This time, I went and ordered a share deal (can't remember the exact name) which came with nuggets, tenders and chicken. Luckily my... See More partner doesn't eat the chicken, so she wasn't affected. Next morning I woke up and could barely move I was in so much pain, but I had to rush to the toilet to expel the worst diarrhea of my life. Half an hour later when I leave the toilet, I vomitted violently. The rest of the day I was enduring muscle spasm thay felt like electric shocks, organ cramps and bone pain, not to mention to frequent trips to the toilet. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Cramps, Stomach Pain, Muscle Spasms See Less

A few hours after consumption, it began with nausea, stomach cramps, and chills.

The trip home was a disaster

Since I didn't eat anything else (apart from mineral water) throughout the day, confusion is ruled out | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Chills See Less

I have been there twice, the first time I was sick with vomiting and fever, I thought it was not related to Taco Bell, but the second time the exact same thing happened to me, vomiting, dizziness... and fever. They definitely have things in bad shape. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Dizziness See Less

We ordered 4 hamburgers from Five Guys, via Glovo and today we're all sick. I the one with the worst, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, cold sweat, weakness | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Weakness See Less

Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, other: Weakness
Suspected source: Burger
Onset: 12 to 24 hours
Duration: other: Still going for about 4 hours | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Weakness See Less

I ate a durom with my son at 1 o'clock and before 2 o'clock we started with stomach pain and diarrhea is it horrible the pain I don't know what to do to go to the doctor and say that it was after eating kebab this can be reported? | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Stomach Pain See Less

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Taylor Farms Retail is voluntarily recalling its Mexican Style Street Corn Chopped Salad Kit, sold at Costco, due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination in the Cotija Cheese, an ingredient in the salad kit. The cheese recall was initiated by Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc, the producer and supplier.... See More

The recalled product is the Taylor Farms Mexican Style Street Corn Chopped Salad Kit (Costco Item #1785678) sold between January 12, 2024, and February 6, 2024.

Do not consume the Mexican Style Street Corn Salad Kit. You may return it to a Costco warehouse to obtain a full refund. The issue was discovered following a voluntary recall initiated by Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc, who produces and supplies the cheese products used in the salad kit.

In case you are experiencing Listeria monocytogenes symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve outbreaks early and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

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Bành Pia brand Hopia Cake is being recalled from the marketplace because it contains eggs that are not declared on the label. This product was distributed in Ontario and Quebec.

- Affected products:
Brand: Bành Pia, Product: Hopia Cake - Mung Bean-Durian, Size: 480 g, UPC: 8... See More 936014 318942, Codes: Best By: 06 MR 24

Check to see if you have recalled products; do not consume recalled products to which you are allergic or sensitive as they may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction; and do not serve, use, sell, or distribute recalled products.

Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the location where they were purchased.

In case you experience harm from allergens or undeclared ingredients, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve issues and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

Company name: Lqnn, Inc.
Brand name: Bành Pia
Product recalled: Hopia Cake
Reason of the recall: Issue Food - Allergen - Egg
CFIA Recall date: 2024-02-15

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Ordered spicy chicken burger for my daughter and I got a beef burger, the chicken was pink and grey coloured so she only ate half but knew something was off with the burger. Fast forward few hours later and was vomiting with fever , today doctor put... See More her on both fluid and antibiotic drip in hotel room, she’s extremely poorly.. | Symptoms: Vomiting, Fever See Less

On 2/1/24, I ordered a 16oz guacamole along with my order. This was my first and only meal of the day. As soon as I took a few bites of the guacamole, my stomach felt queasy. I put it in the fridge. A few hours later, I... See More took it out and ate a little more. Same result ending in violent vomiting. I ate less than 6oz. I am still nauseated as I type this. I will be throwing the rest away. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting See Less

My son was sick with diarrhea yesterday. I was sick today. The only food we ate in common were the Rice Krispie Treats mini squares UPC 3800029293 | Symptoms: Diarrhea See Less

Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Headache
Suspected source: Panda Express - noodles with black pepper chicken and side of Cream Cheese Rangoon. Chili sauce & sweet & sour sauce
Onset: Right away
Duration: 4 to 12 hours
Sick: Me
Additional information: I also had... See More non stop belching with the stomach pains | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Headache See Less

Today, February 16th, 2024 - Went to bar for to-go sandwiches, bartender didn’t know menu, so when we ordered a chicken sandwich he said they didn’t have it, an owner!manager corrected him. We ordered the chicken sandwich and a Cubano. He presented the bill, which showed only... See More one sandwich, he said that’s how they do it, I said but we wanted 2 sandwiches. So he re-ordered it, and presented the correct bill, which had a 20% gratuity, I signed and did not leave any additional tip (this was a to-go order). He took back the receipt and read it immediately and his face became different. We waited for our sandwiches, said thank you and left. The bartender did not respond. I became nauseous 4-5 hours after eating half my Cubano and vomited 4 times. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I had eaten nothing for many hours before or after. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Cramps, Headache
Suspected source: Food at fogo de Chão
Onset: 4 to 12 hours
Duration: other: Still dealing with it. Been over 12 hours
Sick: Not sure
Additional Information: My party was definitely poisoned at Fogo de Chao... See More in Chicago | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Cramps, Headache See Less

We ate at the restaurant around 6am there were three of us and last night all three of us had diarrhea and vomiting all night. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

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