Checkers Drive-In Restaurant, 4322 Market St, Philadelphia, PA, USA Temporary Closure - related to food safety

Closure 10 months ago
4322 Market Street, Philadelphia, 19104 Pennsylvania, United States
Total reports:

Closure Date : May 14

“13 violations, 5 serious
Mouse feces were found in boxes and on shelf in the food storage area; throughout the rear storage rooms; on the shelf under the cash register; behind the ice machine and on the desk and shelves of office area; a food safety certified person was not present; the flat grill was leaking grease to the floor; surfaces of refrigerators and freezers were in need of cleaning; a general cleaning was needed throughout the facility including the walls, floor, and ceiling by the three-basin sink, the area around the deep fryers was in need of specific cleaning; the menu board is labeled with the calories of food items, however did not have the statement posted “Additional Nutritional Data Available Upon Request.”
Due to imminent health hazards observed during this inspection, the establishment has been issued a Cease Operations Order and must discontinue food operations immediately. The establishment cannot operate for a minimum of 48 hours. Inspected May 14.
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