Chipotle Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“Around 8:30PM last night, my boyfriend and I ate at this sad excuse of a Chipotle after a long day. Naturally, we expected a quickly filling meal before heading home. We were wrong. Firstly, the completely forgettable employees were memorably inept, forgetting parts of our orders and asking questions multiple times. This is really the only fast food I can tolerate - and the service was absolutely mortifying. The next morning, I had a terrible stomach ache and headache. I'm generally quite healthy so I knew something was wrong. Upon researching a little on Google, I came across this wonderful website. It's definitely a case of food poisoning by Chipotle. This has never happened to me, but I'd like to thank Chipotle for ruining my appetite for other food, most likely for the next few days - and for ruining my interest in Chipotle forever. Horrible, horrible time. They just lost a customer, permanently.”
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