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Food Safety Report: Jimmy Dean sausage, Sam's Club, Southpark Boulevard, Colonial Heights, Virginia, USA

1 month ago reported by user-yynjc173 business

Jimmy Dean sausage, Sam's Club, Southpark Boulevard, Colonial Heights, Virginia, USA

735 Southpark Boulevard, Colonial Heights, 23834 Virginia, United States

On April 7th of 2024 I took a package of the Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausage out of my freezer I only had four packages left out of the box I had eaten several already I put the package in the microwave when I pulled it out I found black white typeworms can also tell that it was not cooked I'm not exactly sure what the black worms were but I have pictures at that point I got the rest of the sausages out that were left in the box same thing the box of sausage was purchased at Sam's club in colonial heights Virginia by my mother I immediately called her because I knew she also had some the following day I had put the contaminated sausages in a ziplock bag and my mom took them back to Sam's club the girl did not at the refund counter did not want to look at them she refunded it and that was it at that point and the next couple days I felt nauseous but I just felt like that it was probably because of the thought of eating that you know and that's it well Monday April 22nd 2024 I woke up at 2:00 a.m. in the morning with severe diarrhea and the odor was devastating also vomiting I can tell in the stool that there are parasites there are things that look exactly like what was in the sausage I am extremely sick I have extreme stomach pain I cannot stop going to the bathroom I have actually went through my stool with latex gloves and q-tips and I can see mucus I can see blood I can see things that resemble small worms that look as if they're maggots I'm going to go to the hospital either this afternoon or tomorrow to get a test but I need to report this as soon as possible because I didn't think that it would affected me because they have been so long but I have found that it can affect you 30 days later I have congestive heart failure as well as respiratory issues and am not healthy I am disabled so this is caused a very upsetting and just unbelievable mess for me that I certainly did not need. At this point I am very concerned that it might get worse and possibly make things even worse because I haven't been this sick in a very long time I I can't stop going to the bathroom I can't barely hold food down and like I said there are parasites in my stool and the stool smells like death | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Fever, Cramps, Headache, Bloody Stool, Mucus in Stools

#jimmydean #samsclub #blood #colonialheights #virginia #us #sausage

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