Red Lobster, San Jose, CA, USA

Poisoned 7 months ago
San Jose, California, United States
Red Lobster, San Jose, CA, USA
“I didn’t like the waitresses attitude and how she was talking really flirtatiously with my boyfriend; so I kindly told the manager apologizing for wanting to change waiters for my uncomfortableness and in hopes of preventing anyone from tampering my food for complaining, but instead I believe I just made things worse!

Other customers that were sitting behind us were making fun of her because of her unkind and impatient attitude.

It was past closing time, but I was actually being really nice to the waitress.

Going to request for a refund and also a security camera check....! My stomach has been hurting for 2 days straight since.

Most effed up part was that it was my birthday. I’ve never had this problem before at any restaurant.....


The manager didn’t even have the decency enough to refund any of our meals even after explaining how uncomfortable I felt.

I also made sure my hands were clean before arriving into the restaurant! So it couldn’t have been my own doing.”
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