Starbucks, Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, CA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, 90242 California, United States
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Starbucks, Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, CA, United States
“I was hanging out with my girlfriend at my house and we were shut inside watching movies all day. So when I was out buying snacks for the movie, I picked one up for me. So we sat down, turned the movie on, and I started drinking it. About 20-30 minutes after I drank it, my stomach had a relatively sharp pain shooting from the top of my abdomen to the lower part of my stomach. And I started sweating as I started to feel nauseous. After the movie was over, it got unbearable and I ran to the bathroom and started puking everywhere. So after I dropped my girlfriend off at her house, I came back home and fell asleep around 9:30PM, and then I woke up at 12:00AM and started throwing up again. So at that point, I started sipping water throughout the night, and at around 3:45AM, I ran to the bathroom and had diarrhea. I've been having hershey squirts since then.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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