Taco Bell, Claremont Avenue, Ashland, OH, USA


Anjeline 2018-04-24 08:17
This also happened to me at Claremont Avenue. I wasn't so much becoming ill for 3 days, well yes it was, but, the disrespect and nastiness when I called I told her because we were very ill. She said the manage would call me. No call to see how I was, no call to check up. After I felt better I called no response. So I then wrote Taco bell and she called and was not sorry I was ill she called to scream at me for contacting Taco Bell. I left word with the main corp, I was told they would call, not once but 3 times. Had I of fed my elderly mother or grandchild, it could have been deadly to either one of them. A call would have been Hi how are you sorry...