Hard Boiled Eggs linked to multstate Listeria Outbreak

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United States
Hard Boiled Eggs linked to multstate Listeria Outbreak
“CDC announced that bulk, fresh hard-boiled eggs produced by Almark Foods may be the source of a Listeria outbreak where seven people have reported sick from FL, ME, PA, SC, and TX. Four people have required hospitalizations. One death has been reported (Texas).

No products have been recalled yet but the CDC advises retailers and food operators not to use these products for selling, serving or using to prepare different food products.

CDC also advises consumers especially people with high-risk for Listeria (pregnant, elderly, weakened immune systems) not to consume any products containing hard-boiled eggs, as the consumers won't be able to tell whether the eggs used in the preparation are the ones causing Listeria infections.

You can check the full outbreak notice on the CDC website cdc.gov

Source: CDC”
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