Burger King, Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 years ago
Market Street, Saddle Brook, 07663 New Jersey, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 1
Burger King, Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ, United States
“I went to burger King with my family around 7-8 my sister and i were the only ones to get something. She got a number 8 and i got a whopper junior. 2 his pass and i feel a sensation that i ONLY get when I'm going to throw up. Iwas on the verge of vomiting but for some reason it didn't come out. I got a bucket and put it on my desk just in case i wake up and need to throw up. Around 2am i woke up and i knew i was going to throw up. I grabbed the bucket and gagged but nothing came out. The next 3-4 gags i let barfed up my whopper. I could still see the grease and oil. I went to the bathroom cleaned up and then i had diarrhea. I woke up the next morning and i went diarrhea again. That brings it to my current situation. I still feel like throwing up more and feel like I'm going to go diarrhea again. My sister has gotten poisoned from burger King to. If was a cinnabun or whatever. Thanks for reading”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
1 person had — diarrhea and vomiting