Burger King Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“I originally wanted to go to Wendy's, but when I got there the dining room was closed for maintenance. So Burger King was my next choice. Mistake! I ordered a cheeseburger and a four piece chicken nugget. The cashier then asked if I would like to upgrade to a 10 piece chicken nugget for 20 cents more. I agreed. Another mistake! I am not one to waste my food but the nuggets tasted nasty. After awhile I felt like I was going to throw up so I had to throw the rest away. When I got home I had nausea however I didn't throw up. Then this morning at about 5 I woke up to horrible cramps, I went to the restroom and had diarrhea. Went back to bed and 20 minutes later ran back to the bathroom. I had work at 7 am and have never called off work before. I got ready and left for work hoping I would feel better. I felt worse. I asked to go home because I could not work the way I was feeling. It is now 3:30 pm and I have no lie gone to the bathroom 10 times and am expecting to go more. I will never in my life eat Burger King again.”
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