Costco Wholesale, Oak Forest Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC, United States


Chef Jerry Ryan 2017-08-01 12:00
Speaking of Costco (Dedham, MA Store #319) Whilst I WASN'T poisoned, I was "sick" from THE SHEER EXCESS OF SALT in their "Cooked Seasoned St. Louis Ribs" !!! Serial #: 45510 In reviewing the ingredients listing, SALT is 2nd on the list after Pork. I'll contend it should be 1st on the list FROM A TASTE PERSPECTIVE! To which I'll say ... OVERKILL! ALSO: a) The "Pack Date" reads: 01/01/00 b) The "Sell By" reads: 01/02/00 A call to the 800 # provided on the product label resulted in a verbal apology, & a Tel # for the Dedham MA manager, to receive credit. There was NO MENTION to me about what steps Costco would be taking to rectify these matters. Meanwhile as a Hospitality Professional, I would truly like to believe they will take my concerns seriously, and remove this product off their shelves, (at least until such time as they rectify above health & safety breaches)???