KFC, Prince Street, Sydney, NS, Canada

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Prince Street, Sydney, B1P 5K6 Nova Scotia, Canada
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KFC, Prince Street, Sydney, NS, Canada
“I bought a chicken feast meal on February 28, 2017, I ate chicken and fries, then the next day, I brought it to College, I ate it approximately 2:00PM, I went home, had a nap, woke up at 7:30PM, and I noticed after burping, something was not right, i was burping out "rotten egg-like taste" then few hours later, I went into the bathroom having diarrhea twice at night, then I woke up finding my briefs soiled (diarrhea while sleeping" twice, so I changed my underwear twice, then I continued to have a diarrhea, I did went on a BRAT diet, then it went away for few hours, leaving with a headache, then I woke up in the next day, I found out that I was nauseous and I went into the bathroom toilet and vomited violently 4 times, and it came out some pieces that I ate from KFC. Including diarrhea both at the same time, I was weak, dizzy, having fever, and It was crazy, I told my mother to buy me gatorade to rehydrate, then by 3:00PM today, I stopped vomiting, then by 8:30PM, the dizziness, weakness and fever has disappeared, but left with a minor diarrhea and headache. I am rehydrated again. I will never eat at any fast-food restaurants ever again.”
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1 person had — nausea and fever
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