Food Poisoning 5 years ago
“Around 11pm on Feb 16, a friend and I ordered 20 piece nugget, large fries, small M&M McFlurry, small Caramel Frappé, 2 waters. Out of that, I ate 3 nuggets w/ sweet & sour sauce, a third of the fries and the Frappé. My stomach rumbled profusely as I ate, but I assumed that's because I hadn't had McDonald's in almost 4 years. Within the hour I was on the toilet shuffling between diarrhea and then vomiting everything I ate. I could hardly drive home... My body wanted it out ASAP. I will call my friend in a few hours to see if he got the game symptoms because he ran to the bathroom first, then laid down, so I couldn't tell if he was full or getting sick like I did.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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