Nickelodeon Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Food Poisoning 3 months ago
Punta Cana, 23002 La Altagracia, Dominican Republic
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Nickelodeon Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
“The first few days at this resort were great until we decided to partake in the 'Beach party barbeque' on Tuesday night. Within about 3-4 hours after eating, I began to feel nauseous and was assuming it was from eating too much. I then began to have severe stomach cramps then the diarrhea began about an hour later. For 2 1/2 days I was throwing up and having bouts of diarrhea every 15 or so minutes. I was so exhausted, I could barely move. I started to feel better around Friday afternoon and luckily we left on Saturday. Once home and I've started to eat 'normally' again, the same symptoms have returned. I'm sleeping 10-12 hours per night, exhausted during the day so much so that I'm having issues just finishing this typing. low grade fever and diarrhea every time I go to the bathroom. There are also stomach cramps although nothing like the ones I experienced in DR. I have a doctors appointment set for Friday, but may go to Urgent Care sooner. I have never been this sick in my life.”
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