RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD, USA

Food Safety 4 months ago
Lancaster Street, Baltimore, 21231 Maryland, United States
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RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD, USA
“We just left happy hour and left extremely disappointed (and hopefully not sick!). We have been to many locations and this time has left me extremely upset and borderline angry. We were having happy hour there and everything was great (Peach Sangria was delicious) then our food came and I was anxious to eat. I ordered the happy hour yakitori and a few other "RA" items. When I bit into the second piece of chicken on the skewer it was "RAW" and I immediately spit it out. I told our server which was a bartender that the yakitori I was served was raw and she said she would speak with the chef. We waited for 10 minutes and no manager showed up. We were slightly confused (I work and have worked in the restaurant industry for 20+ years). She came back with the check, yakitori not removed from the bill, no apology from her or anyone, and the full check. I was pissed! I asked to speak with the manager and when I explained what happened he looked at me as if I was speaking another language. He actually tried to make light of a very serious situation (Anyone remember what recently happened to Chipotle??). I have took pics from this evening as proof (Since manager did not seem to believe me).

The lack of training for the RA staff is absolutely ridiculous. He comped the yakitori and gave an insincere apology. Since I am in the industry, so I do what I can to let people know if something is wrong, not to get anything free, but to let them correct the issue. I'm very disappointed in the service at this RA and basically this has ruined our evening.”
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