Food Poisoning 5 years ago
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Total all time sick persons: 1
“I ordered a cup of the brewed coffee Pike. It was sour, tasted very differently from the same orders I had before. I didn't think much of it at first. After drinking half of it and about half hour later, I felt that my stomach was upset and I had to go to the bathroom. Again, I didn't think much of it. Then after I drained the whole cup and about two hours later, I began to feel nauseous and my stomach got bloated. I had to lie down and skipped the dinner completely. In the next two hours, I vomited twice and even after that strong acid came up from my stomach to throat on and off. This was the most horrible food poison experience I've ever had after eating or drinking in any places.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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