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Guan’s Enoki Mushroom - recalled due to potential for Listeria monocytogenes

April 21, 2021 1:00 AM

United States

Company name: Guan’s Mushroom Co.
Brand name: Guan's
Product recalled: Enoki Mushroom
Reason of the recall: Potential for Listeria monocytogenes
FDA Recall date: April 20, 2021
Recall details: Guan’s Mushroom Co of Commerce, CA is recalling all cases of its 200g/7.05-ounce packages of Enoki Mushroom (Product of China) because it has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.  Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

The recalled products were distributed from CA, NY, PA through produce distributors or wholesalers to retail stores nationwide. The Enoki comes in a 200g/7.05ounces, clear plastic package with the description “Enoki Mushroom” in English, Korean and French, and Guan’s logo in the front.  At the back, there is UPC code: 810023170303.  Product code is RY3428A or RY3434A in the front bottom. The product is being shipped in a white cardboard box with 25 pcs of 200g.  The box contains Guan’s logo in blue color and product code RY3428A or RY3434A.

No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem. The potential for contamination was noted after routine testing by Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in 200g package of Enoki.

The distribution of the product has been suspended. Consumers who have purchased 200g packages of Enoki are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.  Consumers with question may contact the company at 323.223.1188. 

Check the full recall details on

Source: FDA

Reported By User
Doctor Visit: Yes
Diagnosis: Listeria
More incidents from:
United States

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Thai Express, Petro Canada, Robie Street, Truro, NS, Canada

Symptoms: Diarrhea
Thai Express, Petro Canada, Robie Street, Truro, NS, Canada

May 2, 2021 10:33 PM

“Got sick 1.5 hours after ingestion 
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Burger King, Brenton Way, Shepherdsville, KY, USA

Symptoms: Stomach Pain
Burger King, 311 Brenton Way, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, United States

May 6, 2021 2:37 PM

“I ate plain double cheeseburger with fries at about 11.00am stomach started hurting at 4. Was sick for 4-5 days See Less
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Little Caesars Pizza, 4124 South Redwood Road, Taylorsville, UT, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Stomach Pain
Little Caesars Pizza, 4124 South Redwood Road, Taylorsville, UT, USA

May 3, 2021 12:22 PM

“I believe the Maranara Sauce My family and I bought pizza there. My kids were served first and they ate I got my plate a took a bite and knew the sauce was rancid. I called the store to advise and they never answered. This morning about 6:30 am we all have been having nausea vomiting stomach pains... See Moreand diarrhea. See Less
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SMB Screener

Starbucks, East Parks Highway, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

Symptoms: Nausea Diarrhea Vomiting Diarrhea Nausea Fever Vomiting Cramps Headache Stomach Pain
Starbucks, East Parks Highway, Wasilla, Alaska, USA

April 23, 2021 7:06 PM

“April 22 2021 stomach cramping all day. I needed to go to the restroom and had diarrhea 3 times between 12pm-3pm. Stomach cramps would not get better. Only worse. Around 9pm I was driving home and had to throw up on the side of the road. When i got home I had diarrhea again and started getting cold... See Moreto a point I was shaking and I couldn't warm up. Stayed in bed but had severe stomach cramps and nothing would help them to away. Fell in and out of sleep and going to the bathroom only to have diarrhea again. No more vomiting though just nausea. Got a fever and my body was super hot but i felt really cold. Eventually my joints started to ache. And got a big headache. Morning felt better but after liquids stomach still cramping. Started to think about what I ate. Had a dragon drink in the morning, but my husband had one too and he was okay. The day before I had a shrimp basket from Dairy Queen which my husband didn't eat. All other food we both had and he is perfectly fine. So I started to think it might be the shrimp. (But I'm not 100% sure). I have had the same symptoms when i ate halibut once before last summer which I had stomach cramps and vomited also. See Less
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Tuna Nikkei, Susheria, K Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

Symptoms: Nausea Diarrhea Vomiting Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
Susheria, K Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

May 2, 2021 9:18 AM

“On 5/1/2021 we ate the Tuna Nikkei for lunch. Roughly 13 hours later we started to experience extreme nausea and have had rounds of both vomiting and diarrhea since. We’re almost never sick and have never experienced the awful feeling of food poisoning before. We won’t be eating sushi again. See Less
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April 29, 2021 7:45 PM

“The CFIA announced the recall of Goldilocks Sweet Delights brand Pinipig Polvoron Phillipine Shortbread Cookies by AFOD Ltd. due to rancidity.

The following product is subject to recall:

- Goldilocks Sweet Delights Pinipig Polvoron Phillipine Shortbread Cookies, 300 g, UPC:4 800111 008065, Cod... See Moree on product: Lot: JC8T0D6. EXP DATE: 2021-Jun-15

Check the full recall details on the CFIA website:

Source: CFIA
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Starbucks, North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL, USA

Symptoms: Nausea Diarrhea Diarrhea Nausea
Starbucks, North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL, USA

May 8, 2021 6:33 PM

“I got a mocha around 1 pm, now my stomach is really bad, I have diarrhea and i feel nausea See Less
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Palm Coast, FL, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other
Palm Coast, FL, USA

May 4, 2021 12:10 PM

“Since January., Campylobacter I got covid-19 I started feeling better I only ate a couple different things because I was so ill I bought raw milk from Grand organic Dairy and raw milk feta cheese. I also ate Marie Callender's turkey pot pies and Marie Callender's chicken pot pies and some various ch... See Moreicken broth I believe I got the campylobacter from the milk. However it's now April and it took the doctor this long to listen to me and find out I have systemic campylobacter food poisoning now finally diagnosed at Mayo Clinic in the emergency room the third damn time finally.

Update: Gone organic Dairy.
I still have the feta cheese made from raw milk in fridge tightly sealed.
I got campylobacter from it I think or the milk.
Where do I take this sample to it's been in my fridge tightly sealed it should be swarming with it if it is the vector. 386-931-7090 I got septicemia I almost died I called the farm she was very rude I was very nice I was just trying to be responsible I wasn't blaming I believe in raw milk being nutritional but she was so defensive that I think that's where it came from I think my instincts are right the feta cheese made me sick I didn't eat it again I just figured it was a new food allergy and rolled off my list three months later 50 lb lighter and all kinds of organ problems where the heck do I report these people wear who why doesn't anyone want to test the cheese LOL

I have test results but the medical system is so abysmal and incompetent that it took 3 dam months and 45lbs weight loss near death, three emergency rooms and me screaming bloody murder for someone to please do a stool culture and finally low and behold...

I'm still very underwhelmed at my communities response to it although the emergency room at the third place did call five days later to make sure I got my antibiotics which I didn't because my regular doctor sucks too and drop the ball and they were kind enough to call in some Zithromax. I'm on disability and Medicaid I went and found a doctor paid them and now I'm being taken care of properly and I have to go see all kinds of Specialists. What the hell is wrong with this country. Why doesn't the health department care? These people are selling this product early in the morning on the beach 2 dippy hippies like me but farm says permanently closed on google. 

I used to be a nurse so this is extra aggravating between the medical system and the health department I'm shocked and dismayed and then the owner was very disappointing to rather than saying I'm so glad you called us what it's look into that, because I was not being blaming it can happen to any Farm but you have to take responsibility. I'm afraid someone's babies or grandmother or some poor bugger with IBS is going to die because I almost did I drank it and ate it post covid going back to being natural and healthy trying to restore my gut Flora what a dumbass mistake especially in a country that should know how to test for food poisoning especially when the person scan scan shows infection from top to bottom
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Reported By User
Doctor Visit: Yes
Diagnosis: Campylobacter

Organic chewy chocolate chip granola bars, Trader Joe's, Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, D.C., DC 20003, USA

Symptoms: Other
Trader Joe's, Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, D.C., DC 20003, USA

April 25, 2021 8:46 PM

“I am pretty sure that the granola bars made my throat start to burn. I ate several boxes of them in a row. Like a normal person I ignore serving size and sometimes pick a day to eat nothing but junk food. I am pretty sure they got roundup in them. I am also pretty sure for the pumpernickel bread the... See Morey use EDTA. That also causes health issues. I rather buy the smuckers that are honest about poisoning people with EDTA then tasting it and knowing that my body is getting messed up. Right now I feel like it's better to buy things that clearly state EDTA then try to find a healthier option. I got rid of the boxes. I finished up the 3 boxes. That's how I know it was them. It happened right after I ate them all. See Less
Reported By User

April 12, 2021 11:46 PM

“The FSIS issued a public health alert about approximately 211,406 pounds of Raw Ground Turkey products by Plainville Brands LLC, because the products may have caused Salmonella Hadar illness.

FSIS is concerned that some product may be frozen and in consumers’ freezers. Consumers are urged not to... See Moreconsume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase. Retail locations that may receive returned product from consumers should destroy this product immediately

The raw ground turkey products were produced on December 18, 2020 through December 29,2020. These items were shipped to retail locations nationwide. The products bear establishment number EST. P-244 inside the USDA mark of inspection. The following products are subject to the public health alert:

- 1-lb. packages of Nature’s Promise Free from 94% LEAN | 6% FAT Ground Turkey with Use by/freeze/sell by date of 1/1/21, 1/3/21,1/4/21, 1/8/21 and 1/10/21 on the front of the package.
- 1-lb. packages of Wegman 94% LEAN | 6% FAT Ground Turkey with Use by/freeze/sell by date of - 1/3/21, 1/4/21, 1/8/21 and 1/10/21 on the front of the package.
- 3-lb. packages of Wegman 94% LEAN | 6% FAT Ground Turkey with Use by/freeze/sell by date of 1/3/21, 1/4/21, 1/8/21 and 1/10/21 on the front of the package.
- 1-lb. packages of Plainville Farms Ground White Turkey 93% | 7% Fat with Use by/freeze/sell by date of 1/10/21 on the front of the package.

A recall was not requested because it is believed that the products are no longer available for consumers to purchase.

FSIS and its public health partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), public health and regulatory officials are investigating a multistate outbreak of 28 Salmonella Hadar illnesses in 12 states with onset dates ranging from December 28, 2020 through March 4, 2021. The traceback investigation for one case patient identified the patient consumed ground turkey produced by Plainville Brands, LLC. An intact, unopened package of Plainville Brands’ ground turkey collected from this case-patient’s home tested positive for Salmonella Hadar and was closely related genetically to the sample from the patient. Evidence collected to date does not link all illnesses to this establishment.

Consumers and members of the media with questions about the public health alert can contact Yusef Robb at (323)384-1789 or by email at Consumers with food safety questions can call the toll-free USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854) or live chat via Ask USDA from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. Consumers can also browse food safety messages at Ask USDA or send a question via email to

For more information:

Source: FSIS
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Reported By User
Doctor Visit: Yes
Diagnosis: Salmonella