Berlin, Germany

Food Poisoning 1 month ago
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
“Not sure  Myself and partner got sick - he was worse - I think it was the Italian meal we had on Wednesday evening - he had fish (pike perch) and I tried a small amount. I had large scampi prawns. We both began to feel unwell at around 7:30pm on the Tuesday (just after eating out again but currywurst for me which he tried and veal liver for him which I didn’t try. It could have been this meal but it certainly happened fast if it was. We were both violently sick multiple times and I had watery diarrhoea; we were still retching past midnight and my partner looked really unwell - I’ve never seen someone be so violently, repeatedly sick. I had to call a doctor who put us both on a saline drip in the hotel room and administered various other meds and a prescription to pick up in the morning. I think we were at serious risk of dehydration. The only other place we ate was breakfast at the hotel but other guests seemed fine. Both restaurants were not far from Alexanderplatz and museum island - I could check the addresses. Now trying to get home! ”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Doctor visit
2 people had — diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and dehydration
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