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    The most common fish food poisonings are scombroid and ciguatera. Scombroid is caused by improperly handling of fish producing histamine-releasing bacteria. Symptoms can occur as quickly as 15 mins. Ciguatera is common with tropical and sub-tropical fish and typically causes hot-cold reversal.

    Product: Fish

    Updated: October 25, 2021 9:58 AM
    Report date: Oct 19, 2021
    49. Non-food/food contact surfaces clean
    - comments: instructed to clean the following and maintain: exterior surfaces of cooking equipment to remove grease and food particles, interior bottom of fryers, prep tables and interiors of refrigeration units and freezers.

    51. Plumbing installed; proper... See More backflow devices
    - comments: observed a leak from the valve connected to the hot water line at the handsink in the front prep area; repair leak at valve. Observed a leak from the pipe underneath the middle compartment of the three comp sink in the dishwashing area; repair leak at pipe.

    55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
    - comments: observed dust on the ventilation fan in rear washroom; remove dust from vent fan. Observed ceiling vents in kitchen and vent above rear exit door of kitchen dusty; instructed to clean and remove dust. Instructed to clean the floor underneath the cooking equipment to remove grease observed, clean floor in dishwashing area under, around and behind equipment (ice machine, storage shelves, prep tables etc). Also clean floor in hallway under all storage shelves and behind fish tank.

    55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
    - comments: observed water damaged ceiling tile in one washroom in middle area of restaurant; instructed to replace ceiling tile in that washroom.

    See Less

    Report date: Oct 21, 2021
    15. Food separated and protected
    - comments: observed raw chicken and fish stored above cooked and ready to eat vegetables(lettuce) inside walk in cooler. Instructed manager always to store cooked and ready to eat foods above the uncooked (raw) foods. Corrected during... See More inspection. Priority violation #7-38-005. Citation issued.

    23. Proper date marking and disposition
    - comments: observed 40lbs of cooked chicken in front reach in cooler with no date marking. Instructed manager that all food held more than 24 hours shall be marked with day or date to discard maximum 7 days. Manager discarded and denatured 40 lbs at $125. 00. Priority foundation 7-38-005. Citation issued

    35. Approved thawing methods used
    - comments: obsered frozen meat sitting in a metal pan with cold water next to 3 compartment sink. Instructed manager to thaw tcs foods under cold running water, in the refrigerator or in the microwave as part of a continuous cooking process. Male employee place container in walk-in cooler.

    37. Food properly labeled; original container
    - comments: observed bulk containers of sugar and flour in rear prep area not labeled. Instructed manager to label all foods when not in the original container. Bulk items labeled during inspection.

    39. Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage & display
    - comments: observed boxes of food items stored on floor inside walk in freezer. Instructed manager to elevate all food six inches off floor.

    41. Wiping cloths: properly used & stored
    - comments: observed wiping cloths throughout not stored in a sanitizing solution. Instructed manager to store wiping cloths in a sanitizing solution between uses.

    45. Single-use/single-service articles: properly stored & used
    - comments: observed single service articles/containers not inverted in front prep area. Instructed manager to invert articles to prevent contamination. Male employee inverted all articles/containers during inspection.

    47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
    - comments: observed several reach in coolers in front prep/cooking area with severely deteriorated/damaged door gaskets. Instructed manager to replace, repair and maintain.

    53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, & cleaned
    - comments: observed no covered waste receptacle in staff toilet room. Instructed manager to provide and maintain.

    55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
    - comments: observed walls with dirt and food/sauce splatter and debris on floors throughout. Instructed manager to clean and maintain.

    56. Adequate ventilation & lighting; designated areas used
    - comments: observed excessive grease buildup on ventilation hood and filters. Instructed manager to clean and maintain.

    57. All food employees have food handler training
    - comments: observed two male employees and 2 female employees without food handler certificates. Instructed manager to comply with the idph food handler requirement.

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    I ordered the 4 piece catfish and fries and now I’m at work feeling horrible I’m nauseous stomachache and I don’t know how I’m going to finish my shift I’m having headaches. They 4piece catfish with fries, | Symptoms: Nausea, Headache, Stomach Pain See Less

    I had 2 fish tacos with black beans and chips w/ side of queso at 2 PM on 10/18/21. By 5 PM on the same day I had diarrhea, projectile vomiting, chills, fever, weakness, dizziness. Symptoms persisted x 24 hrs. Curiously I had 2 fish tacos on Sunday 10/17 and did not get ill. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Weakness, Dizziness, Chills See Less

    Smilin’ Bob’s is initiating a voluntary recall because a limited amount of Smilin’ Bob’s Original Smoked Fish Dip was mistakenly packed in Smilin’ Bob’s Natural Smoked Fish Dip cups with a Original Smoked Fish Dip lid.  As a result, the packaging does not list the presence of... See More a possible egg allergen. These products were distributed to retailers in the states of FL, GA, AL, SC, TN, NC, and VA.

    The recalled product is:
    - Smilin' Bob's Key West Style Original Smoked Fish Dip, 8oz round plastic container, Best if Used By Dec 19, 2021, 12 pk Case, Date of Distribution: 10/8/21 and 10/15/21

    A total of 461 cases are affected. The containers have the “Best If Use By” dates stated below printed on the side of each container and the lot number stated for each product on the side or the lid. This recall applies only to the products with these “Best If Use By” dates.

    Smilin’ Bob’s is working with distributors and retailers to quarantine and recover any impacted product remaining on store shelves. Some people who have an extreme allergy or severe sensitivity to egg could run the risk of a serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product. No illnesses have been reported to date.

    Company name: Smilin’ Bob’s
    Brand name: Smilin’ Bob’s
    Product recalled: Smoked Fish Dip
    Reason of the recall: Undeclared egg allergen
    FDA Recall date: October 21, 2021

    Check the full recall details on
    Source: FDA
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    Report date: Oct 19, 2021
    1. Person in charge present, demonstrates knowledge, and performs duties
    - comments: no person with city of chicago certified manager certificate on duty. See #2

    2. City of chicago food service sanitation certificate
    - comments: no person with city of chicago certified... See More manager certificate on duty while tcs foods (chicken, fish, pizza) are being served. Priority foundation. 7-38-012. Citation issued.

    47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
    - comments: observed torn gaskets on all doors of 3 door prep cooler in prep area. Must repair and maintain.

    53. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, & cleaned
    - comments: observed no covered waste receptacle in employee washroom. Instructed to provide lid for receptacle for women employees.

    60. Previous core violation corrected
    - comments: observed previous core violation from report dated 12/22/2020 not corredcted #58 observed the certified food manager without an allergen training certificate. Management instructed to have all certified food managers obtain this certificate. Priority foundation. 7-42-090. No citation issued.

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    The FSAI announced the recall of some packs of King Oscar Śledź and King Oscar Szproty may not have ingredients labelled in English. The product contains fish which may make it unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of fish.

    The recalled products are King... See More Oscar Śledź w Sosie Pomidorowym and King Oscar Szproty w Sosie Pomidorowym; pack size: 170g.

    For more recall details check on FSAI website:

    Source: FSAI
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    Ate there Friday night and by Saturday I was extremely nauseated. Nausea worsened and by Sunday I had severe diarrhea and into Monday. Today (Tuesday) I am pretty badly dehydrated and nausea is still bad even with anti nausea medication. Went to the doctor and they did... See More an X-ray and it’s gastroenteritis. Nobody else is sick. I had a filet o fish and some fries. Everyone else ate fries but I’m the only one that ate a fish sandwich. Thankfully no vomiting but I’ve been miserable for 4 days and haven’t really been able to eat. Had to force myself to eat once due to my blood sugar dropping from not eating. Doc says it should be better within the next day or so. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Gas, Dehydration See Less

    Got the fish and chips around 11 pm and by 1 am had horrible diarrhea, chills, and stomach cramps for the next couple hours. That was the first time I had eaten since around 3pm, so I feel pretty certain it was this meal. My friend also got a beyond burger to eat there but he never got sick. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Cramps, Chills See Less