Blaze Pizza, Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 9 months ago
1091 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 92660 California, United States
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Vegan cheese , “This is the reason why I am never coming back to blaze pizza in fashion island. I was at blaze pizza with my friends tonight, and we were ordering are pizzas. I asked for a simple pie vegan cheese that’s it. I felt like the employees planned on poisoning my pizza because they looked at me strange and weird and acted strange around me. I am now eating my pizza and on my last bite, my vision started to get blurry and my stomach was hurting, I felt like I was going to throw up or faint, then after I drank some water I was fine, well not completely. I went back to my friends house after blaze pizza and I told him, “ I have to go to the bathroom”. So as I was in the the bathroom a bunch of diarrhea came out, it was big and stinked the whole room up, because of this I am never going back to blaze pizza, I have had vegan cheese there many times, yet this one was poisoned, hey blaze pizza I will tell the manger about this poisoning. If anybody is reading this, never go to blaze pizza in fashion island.”
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