Costco Wholesale, Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA, USA Food Safety

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Front Royal Pike, Winchester, 22602 Virginia, United States
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Costco Wholesale, Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA, USA
“So glad to have found this site. On September 18, 2017, I bought a chicken at Costco that turned out to be raw inside, and I realized that it didn't have a pop up button to make sure it's fully cooked. I returned the chicken and got my money back, and I talked to a manager who insisted that their chickens are cooked to 180 degrees even though mine was bloody deep inside. He claims they aren't going back to the other way of cooking them until they are done, even though the gal who returned my money to me said she is sick of everybody returning half raw chickens back to them. Costco did this way of "cooking" their chickens a few years ago, and I had to get a refund twice (the first time I didn’t bring the chicken and was told I should, so the other times I brought it right back to them). I'm never buying another chicken from Costco anymore, unless they go back to the pop up button again. Such a shame because they are so delicious when they are actually cooked. Beware of chickens from Costco now that they cook them without a pop up button, because they will be raw inside.”
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