Little Caesars

Poisoned 5 years ago
“It all began with an enthused and eager trip to the local Little Caesars on South Atherthon St. After being sold out the first time earlier this month, i was filled with joy for them to have the pretzel crust pizza in stock today. What a nightmare! About 4 hours after eating my stomach began to make sounds that you would hear from watching Alien the movie. That was then followed by explosive diarrhea. I could have gotten jet propulsion off the toilet seat that's how bad this diarrhea was. After 3/4 a roll of toilet paper and a hot shower where i just stood puzzled finally it seemed as if it subsided. Wrong! Its now 3am and I'm debating with myself. You can tough this out. My vulnerable defenseless bowles could not though! Another round of this horrible stomach pains and diarrhea. I cant deal with this any more.i want my toilet paper reimbursed and my $6.00. People take it from me, walk away.”
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