Longhorn steakhouse Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 1
“A friend and I stopped by for dinner and ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp (fried shrimp with peppers) for an app. We each ate around 7 or 8, and then moved on to our salads. Not too long after we both started to feel odd, and neither of us had more than a few bites of our entrees. We left and headed home, both of us growing increasingly nauseous. My friend was suffering from a painful headache while I couldn't get the AC cold enough. When I got home I ended up suffering from diarrhea and then vomited minutes after. The only thing we both ate was the shrimp, and with similar symptoms happening at the same time my deduction leads me to believe we suffered from food poisoning. Hopefully we were the only case, because I wouldn't wish this on anyone!”
Reported By Iwaspoisoned.com User
1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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