Sioux City, IA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
9th Street, Sioux City, 51105 Iowa, United States
Sioux City, IA, United States
“It was my first time eating at Panda Express and I was very excited to try it. I ordered "The Bowl" with lo mein and a eggroll with a Sierra Mist. It took forever for everything to get done and I wasn't very happy. The line kept getting longer and longer! When I finally got my order, I took a sip out of my drink and you won't believe it!! The drink was watered down and it had no ice! At that point I was like its no big deal. When I ate my food, the food had no flavor and it just didn't taste right. Thirty minutes went by and my stomach started hurting and I felt very nauseous through the night. I'm never eating at Panda Express again!!”
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