Tim Hortons, Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria hace 5 meses
Joyce Street, Vancouver, V5R 4G7 British Columbia, Canada
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Total all time sick persons: 4
Tim Hortons, Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
“Two days ago, I was going to buy two coffees from my friend and I only had American cash, they've accepted it before. But, they rejected it and I voiced how stupid it was. The day after, yesterday, I was dealing with the same workers, I got two coffees for my friend and I. Me and my friend were talking, and then I started to pay attention to the taste of the coffee, once I noticed the taste of soap, that's all I tasted. I asked my friend if his coffee tasted like soap, he then too noticed it.

I felt sick. I talked to the supervisor, she was denying anything about soap being around the food. She was covering for herself and for the girl who made my drinks. I got sick, I ended puking. My friend had trouble breathing. This is a great offense.

My friend tried asking for names, the supervisor refused to give her name, she didn't give the name of the girl who put soap in our drinks. It wasn't an accident, me and my friend stayed around, no one else was making complaints about the soappy tasting coffee.

I'm a customer who got upset for them not accepting my amercian cash, they next day me and friend get sick. We call police, we called legal counsel, and called the ambulance; my friend was having trouble breathing.”
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