Baja fresh

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Madera Road, Simi Valley, 93065 California, United States
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Baja fresh
“My family and I ordered pick-up from Baja Fresh approximately around 6pm on Monday, Feb 8th, 2016. I picked up the order of 2 chicken burritos, 1 shrimp burrito, and a tostada. I grabbed several different salsas from the salsa bar which is where I believe I got sick from a contaminated salsa. My whole family & I ate our food but only I had the pico de gallo and roasted salsa. My stomach began churn and get "gassy" 1-2 hours later. I figured it was just the beans. By midnight, I began to get very nauseous and achy. I felt this way through the night into the morning, hardly sleeping at all. Tuesday, I layed in bed all the next day only drinking water and barely eating. I began to feel good enough to sleep that night. (Wednesday) The next morning I had a little bit of leakage from anus but could not defecate at the time. I felt okay throughout the day but I began to get achy and started having stomach pains again in the evening into the night. By midnight I began having a seriously intense bought of diarrhea having to use the toilet every 10-20 mins or so for 5 hours. By 5:30 AM (Thursday morning), I was comfortable enough to go to sleep. I continued to have diarrhea stomach pains, and an aching body(off & on) until Saturday afternoon. No one else in my family got sick but me.”
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