Big Y World Class Market, Mayfield Street, Worcester, MA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Mayfield Street, Worcester, 01604 Massachusetts, United States
Big Y World Class Market, Mayfield Street, Worcester, MA, USA
“I’ve been buying steak tips here regularly through the summer, I cook them on the grill, generally the day after I buy them so they are always fresh. This weekend on friday August 24th I bought some and cooked it early Saturday morning. Bear in mind I always cook it very well, as I don’t like consuming rare/ undercooked meat (I have a strong paranoia towards food poisoning to begin with). That day after eating it I felt incredibly ill, I thought maybe I had just had too much or something at first, but it got pretty bad. My dog had some too, which is normal, I always share steak with him. Coincidently he got sick that day as well, threw up a couple times and was fine afterward, but he also only had a few bites to my pound or so that I ate. Me and my family are all fairly convinced that whatever batch of meat I had bought was contaminated in some way, as I said I have been eating it (and sharing with my dog) all summer with no problem for either of us, then one day the same cut gets us both sick. Not cool :(”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea