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Steak Food Poisoning


Steaks from both expensive steakhouses or grocery stores can cause food poisoning. Undercooked steak poses a high risk of bacterial infections caused by campylobacter, E.coli, listeria, salmonella, and more. Symptoms for steak food poisoning can include vomiting, cramps, and bloody diarrhea.

Taco Bell, South Queen Street, York, PA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Vomiting Sweating
“Steakrito Ordered 1 Steakrito and ate it on the drive home. About 2 hours later I started getting gassy. Followed by stomach aches then the aches turned into the most painful God awful stabbing pains I've ever had. The pains lasted for about an hour then I started sweating profusely... See More until finally I vomited. Went to layes down still sweating and cramping and rocking back and forth until I finally fell asleep. Felt better after I woke up
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, South Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Other
“Ate the steak bowl with lettuce, corn, pinto beans, sour cream, pico de Gallo, and 2 salsas. ”
Reported By User

The Reservoir, 844 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

Type: Report
“Report date: Jun 26, 2020
3. Management, food employee and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities and reporting
- comments: no written employee health policy provided on site. Instructed manager to provide verification for each employee on site at all times. Priority foundation. 7-38-010.

10. Adequate handwashing sinks properly supplied and accessible... See More
- comments: observed no employee hand washing signage at handsinks at bar area. Must provide.

22. Proper cold holding temperatures
- comments: observed the following tcs food items stored at improper temperature in prep cooler at kitchen prep area. Tilapia found at 47. 7f, cooked beef found at 44. 5f, hard boiled eggs found at 48. 7f, chicken wings found at 47. 8f and raw calamari found at 51. 2f. Instructed manager proper cold holding temperature must be at 41. 0f or lower. Instructed to discard and denature food. All food items weighing approximately 75 lbs at a cost of $150. 00. Priority violation. 7-38-005.

25. Consumer advisory provided for raw/undercooked food
- comments: observed no disclosure statement written at the bottom of food menu for consumer advisory. Must provide a disclosure stating, 'these food items are cooked to order. ' establishment is serving burgers and steaks cooked to order. Priority foundation. 7-38-005.

47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
- comments: observed missing handle from top half of prep cooler in kitchen. Must replace.

58. Allergen training as required
- comments: allergen training certificates are incomplete. Instructed manager, all employees who obtain the city of chicago food manager certificate must complete allergen training and provide proof of certificate on site at all times.

Reported By User

Wang's Kitchen, New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Nausea
“Not sure  I ordered vegetable  lo mein and the steak and onion plate and symptoms started after I was done eating  ”
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Amherst, NY, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other
“The steak in the burrito bowl  2 and immediately after I started eating I couldn’t finish the burrito bowl and neither could my friend  ”
Reported By User

Carnicerias Jimenez, 4204 W North Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

Type: Report
“Report date: Jun 22, 2020
16. Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
- comments: observed small amounts of black, mold like substance on plastic shield inside lower portion of ice machine (near restaurant). Must detail clean and sanitize. Must maintain same.

21. Proper hot holding temperatures
- comments: observed tcs foods... See More at improper temperatures inside the hot holding unit on the sales floor of the grocery. Found cooked whole chickens and chicken and rice meals ranging in temperatures from 111. 2f - 120. 0f. Instructed must keep hot tcs foods at 135f or more at all times while in hot holding unit. Operator voluntarily discarded denatured foods during inspection. Priority violation 7-38-005. No citation issued.

22. Proper cold holding temperatures
- comments: observed tcs foods at improper temperatures inside 2 door (seafood) cooler at deli counter. Found tilapia @ 48. 2f; shrimp @ 47. 9f; and crab legs @ 47. 0f. Found cooked steak @ 460f in kitchen walk in. Instructed all tcs foods must be held @ 41f or less at all times while in refrigeration. Operator voluntarily discarded denatured foods during inspection. Priority violation 7-38-005. No citation issued. Combined with above violation 3-501. 16(a:1)

23. Proper date marking and disposition
- comments: observed no labels on prepped tcs foods in coolers and walk-in coolers throughout facility. Must properly label all prepped tcs foods with discard date no more than 7 day from preparation date. All items labeled during inspection. Priority foundation violation 7-38-005. No citation issued.

33. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control
- comments: observed 2 glass door seafood cooler unable to maintain proper temperature. Ambient air temperature @ 53. 6f inside cooler. Instructed must maintain temperature of 41f or less inside all refrigeration. Operator removed cooler from deli counter during inspection. Priority violation 7-38-005. No citation issued.

47. Food & non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used
- comments: observed heavily soiled cutting boards with deep groves in meat cutting cooler room. Must resurface or replace cutting boards.

48. Warewashing facilities: installed, maintained & used; test strips
- comments: observed large plastic containers (in walk in cooler in basement) too large to fully submerge in existing 3 compartment sinks to properly wash, rinse and sanitize. Instructed must eliminate large plastic containers too large to fit in existing 3 compartment sinks; or replace existing sinks with basins large enough to accommodate all utensils; or provide an approved method (and demonstrate) to properly wash, rinse and sanitize all utensils.

49. Non-food/food contact surfaces clean
- comments: observed excessive ice accumulation inside walk in freezer in rear of grocery, behind restaurant. Must defrost, clean and sanitize. Must maintain same.

55. Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean
- comments: observed pooling clear water on floor of meat walk in cooler in basement. Must keep clean and dry. Must maintain same. Observed heavily stained ceiling tiles in basement prep area. Must replace.

Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 620 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003, United States

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Fever Cramps Headache Weakness Stomach Pain Body Ache
“I ordered a steak and chicken bowl on Wednesday June 24th, 2020. It is now Saturday June 27th, and I’m still having stomach pains, diarrhea, and a throbbing headache. I woke up on Thursday morning feeling so weak I couldn’t even ball my fist my whole body was aching and... See More the first thing I did was throw up and use the toilet. On Thursday I could not eat anything for the whole day, anything I ate I vomited back up in less than an hour, I had a fever of 100.4 for the whole day as well. Friday Morning I woke up and the first thing I did was vomit as well and the whole day I was running to the bathroom. Please be aware im not the only one this has happened too. Go on google and search them go to the reviews and click “Newest”, at least 3 other people had food poisoning. This is really disgusting and disappointing, im a regular citizen trying to buy food from a public restaurant and I have to worry if I get food poising or not? They and food poising has been acquainted for more than 4 years now there really is a problem now. They are literally trying to kill us. If a little boy or little girl ate from there and got food poising their body would not be able to handle it. I feel like I need 100k from them because they literally tried to take my life when all I was doing is supporting a public restaurant. This really has to stop, this is the first and last time I will ever have food poisoning. Even as im typing this my stomach is cramping. I’m never eating from there ever again in my whole life. Their stores need to be shutdown worldwide.
Reported By User
|2 people found this review helpful

Taco Bell, Whitten Road, Memphis, TN, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting Headache
“Ate Sunday 6/21. Had Chicken quesadilla combo and steak nacho supreme. Was up all night for the next three days with vomiting, diarrhea, and migraines ”
Reported By User

Posada Chimichangas, Fry's Food & Drugs, Tempe, AZ, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea
“Pasada steak and cheese chimichangas burrito I've already explained I ate the burrito two days ago,and been on the bowl ever since. Both me and my daughter are going through this same thing,and it has not been fun ”
Reported By User

QDOBA Mexican Eats, SeaTac, WA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“My wife and I ate burritos from on Monday June 22, 2020 we have been experiencing extreme illness since we have eaten this food, I had a steak burrito and she had a chicken burrito
Reported By User

Recent Interesting Reports

Daily Harvest, Broadway, New York, NY, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“After I finished my shake about 1 hour later I was vomiting and had diarrhea almost at the same time. I tried to eat lunch and threw that up too. Started shaking. Then took a nap. After that i had chick fil a and was back to normal. Can’t get... See More sick off the Lords Chicken.
Reported By User

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver, WA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting Cramps Chills Sweating
“I had a chicken bowl with lettuce, green tomatillo salsa, brown rice, fajita veggies and chips/guacamole. Sickness started less than 24 hours after eating the food. I've had chills, vomiting, diarrhea, horrible cramping and sweats. I'm on day 3 of this and finally feeling better. Had to be the lettuce... See More that made me sick. I shared the guac with my daughter who is fine.
Reported By User

Wendy's, University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Vomiting Chills Stomach Pain
“My son and his girlfriend purchased and consumed the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad on Tuesday, June 2nd. She has been vomiting (accompanied with Stomach Pain) and experiencing off/on cold chills (NOT accompanied by Fever) since this morning and is currently being seen @ Urgent Care... ”
Reported By User

Sushi Lovers ONLINE MENU:, Blundell Road, Richmond, BC, Canada

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Other Stomach Pain
“Ordered sushi from this restaurant, and the sea urchin looked extremely dark in colour and was also very bitter but i ate half the order, and about 30-45minutes later i start getting stomach pain and diarrhea which lasted me all night after. My friend took a piece of my sea... See More urchin also and her stomach was upset after.
Reported By User

Cook Out, Park Road, Charlotte, NC, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“I ate a spicy chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce and a ranch chicken wrap with a sweet tea. That was around 10pm. I started feeling sick around 11:45pm and been vomiting and having diarrhea from 1:00am - present which is about 4:25am ”
Reported By User

McDonald's, Northwest 27th Avenue, Carol City, FL, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“I ate not double cheeseburgers and McChickens on 5/31/2020. I have had watery diarrhea for the past 3+ days after eating from there. ”
Reported By User
|2 people found this review helpful

Starbucks, 3301 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Other Cramps
“At 2:30pm I ordered a Frappuccino and within approximately an hour later began having nausea along with severe cramps and hot flashes. It’s been an additional hour since then and I’m now having diarrhea. ”
Reported By User
|1 person found this review helpful

Burger King, Reservation Road, Marina, CA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Sweating
“Today about 7:30pm my boyfriend got us impossible whoppers and fries. A couple hours later I was violently throwing up for over an hour and could barely breathe. Diarrhea at the same time. My whole body was sweating profusely. I spent hours in the bathroom trying to recover hoping I... See More wouldn’t die from not being able to breathe while throwing up. I laid in the bath tub for hours to try and feel ok after. I was a mess and that helped me feel a little better but still have diarrhea. Something is very very wrong at Burger King. I don’t suggest it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most awful vomiting I’ve ever experienced!!!! In my life!!! By the way. This was the second time that I’ve gotten an impossible whopper and thrown up after. Just this time it was worse. Now I know it was that by seeing all these other people reporting the same thing!!!
Reported By User

KFC, Broadway, Albany, NY, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Stomach Pain
“I ate dinner on 6/17/2020 Wednesday night around 8:45-9PM. I had the sauce wings without the sauce and the new French fries. Within a few hours I starting vomiting and then diarrhea. I have been unable eat or drink much of anything. My stomach is in severe pain and I... See More may have seek medical treatment. It’s been more than 24hrs, I am still not well and unable to eat or drink.
Reported By User

Arby's, Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA, USA

Type: Poisoned
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Sweating Stomach Pain
“My whole family ate there, three if us got the signature sandwiches other two for Rubens, food tasted ok, but I felt sick just after finishing. I went to the restroom, there was another woman in there getting sick. Three family members were having mild symptoms almost immediately, but when... See More we got home, about six to 8 hours after, four f.m. were vomiting, diareaha, sweating severe stomach pain, that lasted into early hours of the next morning. Mild symptoms continued into the next day. This is the third time my family had gotten sick from them, the time before in Springfield*
Reported By User

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