Costco Wholesale, Cavitt Drive, Folsom, CA, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Cavitt Drive, Folsom, 95630 California, United States
Costco Wholesale, Cavitt Drive, Folsom, CA, United States
“I think it was frozen food from Costco. I became violently ill about 10 hours after eating with all ten symptoms. I akso ate a barbeques polish sausage about 4 hours before becoming ill but I have previously eaten the sausages without symptoms I ate the Ramen around 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday 6/7/17. It tasted good. I started feeling nauseous about 3 AM and had intense vomiting for around 8-hours along with watery diarrhea and gas that started about 6 AM. I could not keep even water down. It became a contest between which end I placed over the throne. I developed a bad head and neck ache but only a little fever up to 100. I was better yesterday but lots of weakness and ill feeling but no more throwing up. It's now Friday and I am better; still weak and have a headache but am recovering. I'm throwing away the remaining 5 noodle bowls.”
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