Costco Wholesale, Valley Center Drive, Victorville, CA, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 2 weeks ago
14555 Valley Center Drive, Victorville, 92395 California, United States
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“So my dad normally buys their pizza not just the ones you bake in your own oven but also the ones that is cooked fresh or so they say.

My body got so sensitive after eating their pizza before but never experienced the food poisoning part until yesterday when we brought home the pizza. Everything went fine until i woke up around midnight going to the bathroom bathroom and all of a sudden i had to stop what i was doing and rushed to the shower because if i did this in the toilet it would spew everywhere and not just inside the toilet bowl. I puked what appears the cheese and the toppings from the pizza, I’m gluten sensitive but the baked dough was not there on the shower floor just the marinara, the toppings and the cheese covered in stomach acid and water. If i had to measure the amount of all this i’d say i puked 5 gallons of the mixture of water, stomach acid and the pizza marinara, toppings and cheese. The pizza was the combination kind (all the toppings). As much i had experiences with food poisoning i avoided the dehydration afterwards but gargled mouthwash first before drinking 3 glasses of water with ice cubes.”
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