Houston, TX, USA

Food Poisoning 6 months ago
Houston, Texas, United States
Houston, TX, USA
“Omg I ordered the combo plate and got my sauce in to-go packs. I’m not a saucy eater and one of the workers told me to be careful of the hot sauce. Ate food on my drive home and only did like 3 drops of red sauce. Later that evening I got hit with major nausea and stomach cramps while grocery shopping. So much so that I left the check out line and grabbed a bottle of pepto and drank a couple of gulps in the store. As luck would have it, a lady and a kid approached me for help with food. I double backed in the store and paid for some food for her to feed her kids and almost lost my sh*t (literally) on the ride home. Now that this has happened I’ll probably never eat from there again. I didn’t find anything abnormal with the taste of my food when I ate it.”
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