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About Us is a leading consumer platform dedicated to improving public health and food safety. Founded on the principle of shared consumer experiences, our mission is to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses by providing a space for individuals to report suspected food poisoning cases. Whether it's a meal at a restaurant or a product from a grocery store, our platform allows users to report their experiences, enhancing food safety awareness. Read user testimonials here.

We collaborate with over 400 public health agencies at federal, state, and local levels, ensuring that each report contributes to a safer eating environment. By integrating consumer reports with data from social media, county websites, and government sources, we offer real-time alerts and analysis, serving as a crucial link between consumers, health authorities, and the food industry. Our commitment to accuracy and trust is reflected in our rigorous report verification process, ensuring the reliability of our platform and safeguarding the community's trust. Learn more below.

Table of Contents

Our Mission

At, our purpose is rooted in the power of shared consumer experiences to safeguard public health. Established as a consumer-led initiative, our platform is dedicated to reporting suspected food poisoning incidents, whether encountered at a restaurant, grocery store, or other food outlets. In addition to consumer reports, actively extends its reach through direct partnerships and comprehensive scanning of social media, county websites, and government sources. This approach enables us to gather real-time reports and alerts, further enriching our database with a diverse array of information. By integrating data from these varied sources, we strengthen our ability to serve as an effective bridge between consumers, public health authorities, and the food industry. We believe in harnessing the collective voice of consumers to enhance food safety and quality. We aim to serve as a bridge between consumers, public health authorities, and the food industry. Through real-time data sharing and analysis, our mission is to reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses, ensuring safer eating experiences for everyone.

How Works

  1. Reporting: Consumers report their experiences of suspected foodborne illnesses.
  2. Verification: Each report undergoes a thorough review process to ensure authenticity.
  3. Sharing Information: The validated reports are shared with the public, health authorities, and food businesses.
  4. Impact: This process helps in identifying potential outbreaks and in improving food safety practices across the industry.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our collaborative efforts with over 400 public health agencies at the Federal, State, and Local level, local governments, and leading food brands amplify the impact of each report. These partnerships enhance our data reliability and facilitate swift responses to reported issues.

Empowering Consumers: The Impact of Your Reports

Your reports at are crucial. They not only raise awareness among fellow consumers but also enable swift actions from relevant authorities and businesses to tackle food safety issues. By contributing your experiences, you play a pivotal role in fostering a proactive, informed, and safe food community. Discover why reporting food poisoning is crucial for you and the community by learning more on our dedicated Why Report it page.

What Type of Data Can You Find on offers a comprehensive and multifaceted repository of data related to food safety and public health. Our platform amalgamates a diverse range of information, ensuring that our users have access to the most complete and up-to-date picture of food safety issues. Some types of data you can find here include:

  • Consumer Reports: First-hand accounts from individuals who suspect they have experienced food poisoning. These reports provide real-time insights into potential food safety issues at various establishments.
  • Regulatory Reports: Official reports from food safety and public health agencies at local, state, and federal levels. These documents offer authoritative information on confirmed foodborne illness outbreaks and safety inspections.
  • News Sources: Curated news articles and updates from reputable sources, highlighting significant incidents and trends in food safety across the globe.
  • Social Media: Aggregated posts and discussions from social media platforms, capturing the public's experiences and concerns related to foodborne illnesses.
  • Government Announcements: Updates and alerts from government bodies, including recalls, health advisories, and policy changes impacting food safety.
  • Country Reports: Information from various countries, providing a global perspective on food safety challenges and practices.

Commitment to Trust and Accuracy

At, we prioritize trust and accuracy. Our rigorous data verification process ensures the reliability of information on our platform. We value the confidentiality of the information shared with us and adhere strictly to our privacy policy, maintaining the trust of our community.

How Our Moderation & Verification Process Works is committed to ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the reports we receive. From the moment a report is submitted to its posting or publication, our moderation process is meticulous, incorporating both human and technical reviews.

Additionally, we operate under a strict terms of use policy. We place a strong emphasis on our privacy policy and maintain a clear, consistent commitment to authenticity

*Click here to learn more about the specifics of our moderation and verification process in the Media

  • New York Times: Discusses the impact of on the restaurant industry and public health, highlighting its influence and controversies around its use.
  • Food Safety News: Highlighted how customers reported foodborne illnesses at the Chipotle Mexican Grill location in Sterling, VA, on, along with supporting receipts and doctor's documents.
  • Bloomberg: Reported on an outbreak at a Chipotle location in Sterling, Virginia, noting the increase in illness reports. Patrick Quade, the founder of, mentioned that 137 people reported getting sick after visiting that Chipotle.
  • USA Today: Covers the FDA's investigation into Lucky Charms cereal following illness complaints from consumers, with several hundred reports posted on
  • Wall Street Journal: Delves into an incident reported on, where over 100 people became ill after eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Virginia, suggesting a foodborne illness outbreak.
  • NPR: Examines how has detected outbreaks ahead of officials and helped health inspectors.
  • BBC News: Podcast episode titled "The Food Chain" features Patrick Quade, the founder of, and discusses the economic impact of food poisoning and explores identifying and preventing food poisoning sources.
  • Washington Post: The article discusses's involvement in reporting a foodborne illness outbreak, leading to the closure of a Chipotle restaurant.
  • World Bank: Emphasizes the effectiveness of in detecting foodborne illness outbreaks and aiding public health, highlighting their role in increasing consumer awareness and assisting agencies worldwide in improving food safety and reducing economic losses.
  • Nation's Restaurant News: Discussed how aims to provide valuable data to consumers and restaurants to help prevent outbreaks.
  • Hedgeye: Highlights's early detection of health issues at Chipotle, leading to a discussion with the platform's founder, Patrick Quade, at the Hedgeye Thought Leader Series hosted by Hedgeye Restaurants analyst Howard Penney.
*View more media mentions at the footer

Your Role in Food Safety

We encourage active participation from our community. By reporting issues and engaging with the platform, you contribute significantly to the collective effort of ensuring food safety.

Connect with Us

For inquiries or assistance, please contact us or click here.


  1. Q: How do I report an issue?
    1. Visit our 'Report an Issue' page and follow the instructions to submit your report.
  2. Q: Is my personal information confidential?
    1. Yes, we prioritize your privacy and handle all data in accordance with our privacy policy.
  3. Q: Can I track the status of my report?
    1. Yes, updates on your report and ongoing issues are available on our website.
  4. Q: What services does provide?
    1. We offer a platform for reporting food safety issues, analyze trends in foodborne illnesses, and provide real-time alerts to the community and industry stakeholders.
  5. Q: What are the core values of
    1. We are committed to consumer empowerment, authenticity of reports, and objective presentation of data for community safety and awareness.

Take Action for Food Safety

Ready to contribute to a safer eating environment? Report an issue or sign up for updates on our platform. Your participation is vital in shaping a safer and more informed food community. Together, we can make a difference in public health and food safety. Report an Issue here. Subscribe for Updates here.

About the Founder

Patrick Quade

Patrick Quade is the founder and CEO of IWP Health Inc., the parent company of a suite of platforms including,,, and, and. His work is characterized by a focus on real-time consumer and federal and state-level crowdsourcing, data management, and risk detection. With a background in finance from his tenure at Morgan Stanley, Patrick possesses a strong foundation in data analysis and financial systems. This expertise has been instrumental in his transition to the public health informatics sector, where he applies these skills to develop and manage crowdsourced surveillance systems.

Over a decade of experience in this field has positioned Patrick as a leader in harnessing the power of data and technology for public safety and health. His platforms, notably and, are centered on collecting and analyzing consumer reports to identify and mitigate various risks, particularly in the food industry and broader community settings. The development of and under his leadership reflects an expansion of this approach into business applications. These platforms serve as B2B solutions, offering businesses insights derived from the extensive data gathered through consumer interactions and various media and governmental sources.

Patrick’s approach in these ventures is defined by the application of advanced machine learning algorithms for data analysis. This method facilitates early risk identification, assisting businesses in the food industry and other sectors to optimize their operational decisions and resource allocation.

Underlying Patrick Quade's work is a commitment to enhancing public health and safety through innovative, data-driven solutions. His contribution to the field combines a unique blend of financial acumen and a deep understanding of public health informatics, marking him as a key figure in the landscape of modern public safety and health management.

Patrick, a distinguished speaker, has presented at over 50 events in the U.S. and globally on Food, Safety, and Environmental Health, including at the International Association for Food Protection Conference, FDA events, state Environmental Health conferences, and regional education conferences. View all his event participations here. Additionally, he has authored a peer-reviewed article in JMIR Public Health & Surveillance and has been featured in major publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal for his contributions to outbreak detection and public health improvement.

Patrick Quade speaking at the Global Food Safety Initiative Conference in Nice, France is a subsidiary of IWP Health Inc.

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