Jacksonville, FL, United States

Poisoned 4 years ago
East Union Street, Jacksonville, 32202 Florida, United States
Jacksonville, FL, United States
“Eat Papa John's pizza chicken, bacon, green peppers, and banana peppers on 04/15/2016. Bought the papa John's pizza from Argyle Forrest Blvd location Jacksonville, FL.. Starting eating the pizza around 8:30 pm starting feeling sick about 9:45 pm. Prior before eating the pizza I ate around noon and a very healthy snack blackberries and wheat toast. Normally do not eat fast food let alone raciast Papa John's food. Had a craving for pizza and the kids and I chose Papa John's. I am guessing it was Divine Intution to continue to stay away from Papa John's forever. I starting feeling terrible felt warm, stomach felt as if there was a person inside of it turning and flipping. I felt as if I had to vomit and then it started immediately diarrhea. Then another tragedy hit my 3 year old toddler starting complaining of stomach pain and having excessive gas. I had to give her and myself tums along with other over the counter stomach acid medicine to get her and myself to sleep. I am not sure if the pizza comes frozen and they just throw it in the oven, but we will never eat papa John's again and intend to spread the word however I can. Social media or whatever I have to do. Praise God our symptoms weren't severe enough to have to go to the hospital, but being that my daughter has G.I. issues I imagine it could have been worse.”
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