Panda Express, North 59th Avenue, Glendale, AZ, USA Food Poisoning

Poisoned 10 months ago
9111 North 59th Avenue, Glendale, 85302 Arizona, United States
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“I had fried rice, orange chicken, and the honey walnut shrimp. My son had the same with the exception of the shrimp and never had any symptoms. Next day, I had diarrhea, extreme fever, and horrible stomach pain. Ultimately wound up in the ER for Colitis due to "Campylobacter" aka food poisoning. As I can't be 100% certain it was the shrimp, I know I'll likely never be eating it again.”
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Doctor Visit : Yes

Diagnosis: Campylobacter (food poinsoning) & Colitis

1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea