Panera Bread Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“We were wondering if you had any reports of food poisoning. We went to Panera Bread yesterday afternoon for a late lunch at about 1.30-2.15.

Our children had chicken noodle soups and we had a flathbread sandwich and a lentil bowl.

We noticed that the kitchen looked more messy than the usual Panera and know that kind of mess would not be allowed in Europe.

In the night both my husband and I had loose bowels.
In the morning our oldest son started vomitting and our youngest son also feel pretty nauseous - and have felt like this the entire day. Our oldest son who usually reacts more to contaminated food have been vomitting the entire day and are not able to keep anything not even liquids down.

As Panera is the only place where we all have eaten from we can't see that this would happen anywhere else. Have you had other reports?

Also, the baguettes in our orders were missing and when our youngest son notified them he was very disappointed that they did not give him a treat as promised on your receipt.

In general the restaurant was dirty and not well managed. The lady taking orders could not hear what we said and the lady next to her told her after we had repeated a few times. When we asked for our tables to be wiped it took a while and then a woman comes with a hanging body attitude wiping help of the table. She then went about several tables but without cleaning the rag in between so merely wiping dirty tables to dirty tables.

This is the worst panera experience we have had and to top it we got sick by food contamination. Have tried to call the manager at the location but they do not pick up the phone even outside business hours.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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