Red Lobster, Bay Road, Saginaw, MI, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 3 weeks ago
4141 Bay Road, Saginaw, 48603 Michigan, United States
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“My husband and I had dinner on Thursday, Feb. 21, at approximately 7pm. That's when the main course arrived, about an hour after we were seated. Refused dessert as I was already feeling uncomfortable at that point. On the way home I felt nauseous and had a very urgent need to use the bathroom; barely made it. Spent the next 36 hours in bed, getting up only to run to the bathroom with diarrhea. It is now Sunday a.m., and I am still having diarrhea.😨 My husband is fine. He had the Lobster Lovers Feast and I had the Lobsterfest surf and turf. The items I ate (that he didn't) were: Garlic-grilled Maine lobster tail, Maine lobster pieces baked in butter, one end bite of sirloin ordered "medium" which arrived bloody and was sent back ( I didn't eat anymore of it when it came again to the table--still undercooked). I also had green beans and a baked potato with butter, a diet cola, and ranch on my salad. Husband did not. He's fine. Overall, an awful experience and for $107 we will not be returning and will warn others to do the same. 3 days later, I am STILL paying for it!”
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