Simple truth cinnamon & Simple truth organic bars

Food Safety 2 months ago
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Simple truth cinnamon & Simple truth organic bars
“I’m ok. A week ago it felt like my liver didn’t feel right. It felt full. No pain. No vomiting. No nausea. No Diarrhea. Just a tiredness and feeling something g wasn’t right. I thought what did I eat that was different lately? Then I realized for a while a few months I was buying apple cinnamon bars & eating about 6 per data box) I also was putting cinnamon on my oatmeal alot,
I think I might of had too much cinnamon & impart my liver. Wanted to rest a week or so and just drink water & coffee. Broccoli, veggies eggs and just detox from packaged foods and sugar then go in for a liver kidney panel at the docters. I’m scared people should know about this. It should be on the labels. From what I read no more then 1 teaspoon for a 130 person”
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