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The Plaza Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Broad Street, Thomasville, GA, USA

Latest report: June 23, 2022 9:31 PM
#thomasville #georgia #unitedstates #nausea #diarrhea #vomiting

Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting

5 days ago

Just had the WORST chicken wings EVER!!! They were bone dry, rock hard and you could taste that they weren't fresh with that fridge taste that tells you they've been there too long!

Tasted my son's fries and they were nearly burned and greasy. You could taste... See More that the grease was old and hadn't been changed. I don't even think they were freshly cooked! When a teenage boy won't eat the fries, you KNOW there's a problem!

Sent them back and the owner/manager came over. He was rude, refused to replace them, charged me for them and told me to GET OUT of his restaurant. I paid $48 dollars for the WORST lunch that I've never eaten in my life! I will not be returning. He's certainly the RUDEST, most VILE and ignorant person I've run into in this beautiful town. The chef and the owner knowingly served us old food.

My waitress was GREAT and I tipped her well but you could tell that his staff is intimidated by him. They couldn't even look me in the eyes as we left his little dump. He's a tiny, little tyrant taking a legacy restaurant to his low level. He's an embarrassment to himself and his restaurant!

I came home and an hour later, I was throwing up and headed to the bathroom.

I've traveled this country coast to coast and north and south. He is, by far, the WORST restaurant owner that I've EVER encountered anywhere on this planet! I WISH I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS! | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting
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Ate around 7:30pm. Had chicken sandwich with fries and my 3yr Old had burger and fries. At about 1am I started shaking had real bad chills stomach ache and nausea and eventually vomiting. Soon after going back to bed my son started throwing up, but he hasn't stopped | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Chills, Shaking, Stomach Pain See Less

Food Safety for Consumers
I hadn’t ate all day and then for dinner my family decided to go there, I ordered the chicken tenders and felt fine that afternoon, well that night I was throwing up, I blacked out because I didn’t get any sleep and had major diarrhea and it went on all day. | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

Tuesday about 8pm I ate a Durango burger and fries the # 6 combo, no lettuce, no onions. Around midnight I was awaken from my sleep with sharp abdominal cramps and then came the vomiting and diarrhea. I was told by the doctor there was nothing that... See More they could do because it was food poisoning and it had to run it’s course. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Cramps See Less

This morning me and my mother had two sausage burritos from there. Around the time we had finished eating, at 10:50-ish AM, we began to notice we were feeling nauseous, my mom began vomiting within 10 minutes of eating, she couldnt stop and she is now in... See More bed, scared to get up. It is very dangerous for her to vomit like that because she has some other health problems. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Other See Less

My husband and I had Marie Calendar chicken pot pies for dinner last night, cooked according to instructions. My husband’s stomach was immediately feeling off, but we both began having diarrhea around 8 this morning. I also experienced vomiting. I had a feeling like I had a... See More rock in my stomach. I took peptobismol and feel better now, hours later. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting See Less

4 of us 4 of us ate there. The fifth person with us did not. All 4 of us got sick within 3 hours of eating. The 5th person never got sick and they didnt eat this. We had severe vomiting with diarrhea for 6 to 8 hours. Violent! | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Not sure I got sick about 20 minutes after I started eating. I had ribeye steak well done Macaroni and broccoli. It started with stomach cramps followed by nausea. My daughter ate piece of my steak and started feeling sick as well | Symptoms: Nausea, Cramps See Less

This morning, Not sure I ate a sausage and cheese omelet, a waffle, a side of sausage Pattie’s and hash browns with cheese  | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps See Less

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This past Monday my 8 year vomiting three times and had stomach pains. I couldn’t figure out what it was but she did have Cheerios Family size box. She has it almost every day. I had to keep giving her water to flush it out. She couldn’t hold any food that whole day! | Symptoms: Vomiting, Stomach Pain See Less

Yesterday at this place. got a soft serve ice cream. , Ice cream there was Soft serve ice cream was melting. Daughter threw up a few hours after eating. Sick 2 days now.  | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Food Safety for Consumers
On May 23rd, 2022, we purchased 4 different flavors of Family Size Cheerios. The first and only one that I’ve eaten so far were the Chocolate Cheerios. I’ve eaten a bowl of it with milk at least six times and noticed my tummy getting upset a few... See More hours later. The first few times, I didn’t think much of it; I thought it was something else I had eaten. Cheerios and dry cereal in general were never a problem before. However, it eventually became very clear to me that this cereal had been the cause of my diarrhea, which got worse each time. I’ve been fine again ever since I stopped eating the cereal followed by the last bout of diarrhea. I was the only person in our household eating this product. The other flavors we purchased were Strawberry Banana Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, and Oat Crunch Almond Cheerios, all of which remain unopened. | Symptoms: Diarrhea See Less

June 14th 2022 around 9:06 p.m. I believe I was the last customer in the restaurant waiting on order took a very long time like over 30 minutes anyway long story short got my food left hopped on the bus devoured my food on the bus with... See More my husband and shortly after I want to say at least 15 minutes I had to get off of the bus due to Sharp tummy pains and cramps I ran to the nearest restroom I violently blew that restroom up and the lady wasn't going to let me in I had to barge my way in or I probably would have embarrassed myself and use the restroom on myself I was in there for a good hour and a half I've never had any emergencies like I did that night IN MY LIFE SOMETHING SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO BE DONE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN GO THERE DAMN NEAR DAILY!! WHO DO I CONTACT TO ESCALATE THIS ISSUE BECAUSE I'M DEFINITELY LOOKING FOR MORE THAN A REFUND | Symptoms: Cramps, Stomach Pain See Less

Just opened Cheerios twin pack purchased from there on 1/31/22. Ate cheerios for dinner and within 4 hours I was awakened by sharp stabbing abdominal pains accompanied by diarrhea, severe nausea and sweating. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Sweating, Stomach Pain See Less

Same thing happened to me, also bought the twin pack from Sam’s about a month ago.
Reply 1 week ago
2 days ago and again today, MY BELOVED, PURE PLAIN GENERAL MILLS CHEERIOS🥺 I literally always eat pure Cheerios because of the health benefit it has fir my heart issues. I'm in shape but was born with naturally high cholesterol levels, thus the delicious pure taste of... See More Cheerios, plus the healthy fiber, literally keeps me happy healthy and satisfied/full. This week I was eating plain, no milk, hand fulls for breakfast. And 2 days ago I Experienced the worst stomach cramps I've ever felt, throbbing pain in stomach, nauseousness, I vomited and still feel like vomiting and somewhere between constipation & diarrhea. Yesterday I didn't eat any and ate another meal instead and I felt ok. Now 24 hrs later, I go back to eat plain Cheerios again and now my stomach is feeling just like it had 2 days ago!! These Cheerios are most definitely causing this and I'm hurt and SAD 😢 I hope this issue is fixed | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Vomiting, Other, Cramps, Constipation, Nausea See Less

me too. honey nut cheerios.
Reply 5 days ago
Unsure which food item on my order caused the illness Ate food yesterday around 6pm, symptoms started today at 9am. It happened Yesterday and today | Symptoms: Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Ordered nachos with cheese and 1 hot dog with ketchup, sauerkraut and onions. The hot dog had an odd taste but I ate it anyway, I needed to have food. Did not feeling well for the next couple of days, bloating and gassy. By day 4, felt... See More absolutely terrible. Felt like my stomach is up in my throat, thought I would vomit but didn't. Day 9 - eating little, have intestinal cramping and watery diarrhea. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Bloating, Gas, Cramps See Less

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