Whataburger, Airport Freeway, Euless, TX, USA

Poisoned hace 1 año
Airport Freeway, Euless, 76040 Texas, United States
Whataburger, Airport Freeway, Euless, TX, USA
“My husband and I ate there on June 22 about 7pm. I had the Bacon and cheeseburger with everything. I ordered mayo instead of mustard. They didn’t put mayo so they gave me a small cup of mayo. The bun looked smashed and I thought maybe they rushed to make. We went home and I was until I started feeling sick around 10pm that night. I had cramping and bloating. Then around 4 am I had severe diarrhea. I was weak and had muscle cramps through out my body. My body still aches a bit and it’s Sunday, June 24.”
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1 person had — diarrhea and fever