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Il est possible de tomber malade à cause des buffets de pizza. Les restaurants de Cicis ont un service libre-service qui peut augmenter le risque d'intoxication alimentaire. La diarrhée et les nausées sont les symptômes les plus fréquemment rapportés d'une intoxication alimentaire de Cicis pizza, et le diagnostic le plus souvent mentionné est le norovirus.

Cicis pizza

Mise à jour: 18 novembre 2019 13:12

Cicis, North McKinley Street, Corona, CA, USA

Cicis, 591 North McKinley Street, Corona, 92879 California, United States

18 novembre 2019 13:12

“Date Closed: 11/13/2019
Failing an inspection while on probation, cockroach infestation, no hot water. The inspector saw roaches “too numerous to count” throughout the restaurant, including at the food-prep lines. There was no hot water initially, although the water warmed up enough after faucets w... Voir plusere run continuously for 25 minutes. There were two other critical violations, for food not being held at safe temperatures (a salad bar cooler was impounded) and food-contact surfaces being encrusted with debris (including pizza trays that the person in charge said are never washed, just occasionally run through the pizza oven). Among the 16 lesser violations, most of which were repeat problems, no one had a food safety manager certificate (this resulted in a citation), employees didn’t wash hands, floor sinks were clogged, there were no lids for the cold-top coolers and the restaurant was in need of a thorough cleaning. The grade of 65 ties for the third-lowest at any restaurant in Riverside County in the past five years, records show. This was the restaurant’s third failed inspection this year and it was placed on probation in September. To reopen, it would have to correct all violations and purchase a new health permit.
Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis Pizza, West Loop 1604 North, San Antonio, TX 78254, United States

Symptômes: Diarrhea Nausea
Cicis Pizza, 6511 West Loop 1604 North, San Antonio, 78254 Texas, United States

28 octobre 2019 03:07

“We arrived there at about 6pm, we noticed that the area seemed to be dirty, none of the employees were wearing hair nets, and no one was using gloves. There were 3 of us. Me, my mother and my father. We all ate the pizzas, my mom had a salad as well. Not even an hour after eating, all 3 of us began... Voir plusto feel sick and had to run straight to the bathroom. It is currently 2 am and we are still suffering from the symptoms. Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis, West Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL, USA

Symptômes: Diarrhea
Cicis, 3815 West Vine Street, Kissimmee, 34741 Florida, United States

27 octobre 2019 05:50

“Ate last night approx 8pm been up most the night with very smelly wind, and with diarrhoea. Not nice. Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur
SMB Screener

Cicis Pizza, Ridge Road, Brooklyn, OH, USA

Symptômes: Diarrhea Nausea
Cicis, 4824 Ridge Road, Cleveland, 44144 Ohio, United States

23 octobre 2019 19:18

“Ate there this afternoon was pretty slow. Ordered a personal pizza to the table like usual. the place had an odor to it especially by the soda machine like mold and a foul smell coming from the back and fruit flies all by the restrooms and through out. None of the employees washed their hand at all... Voir pluswhile i was there and the individual cutting the oven took pizza right off the buffet and ate it and continued cutting the oven with no washing of hand and was drinking a half gallon of tea behind the counter also and sitting it on the cut table and no had washing after any drinking of it or any time he rubbed his nose. the place is very dim with so may lights blown out and the air return vents are caked in dust that can fall into peoples food. There is a completely new staff and the old general manager i found out left too so that explains a lot of why there are issues. Employees not wearing hats or hairnets while handling food. From knowing the old general manager i know that she was the only one there with a serve-safe certification and i would bet that no one working there now has one. So after eating my pizza,a few brownies, and cinnamon rolls i left. One i got home about 630 pm i started to feel nauseous and not well. I've had to keep running to the bathroom because of this and wishing i would stop feeling so sick, Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis Pizza, Midway Road, Carrollton, TX, USA

Symptômes: Nausea Vomiting
Cicis Pizza, 2661 Midway Road, Carrollton, 75006 Texas, United States

8 septembre 2019 13:34

“I've been here before. First time I went at 10pm on a Saturday and they were packed. The poor staff seemed incredibly stressed out, they could barely keep the buffet full.
I ate a Buffalo slice, spinach & pepperoni slice, Mac & cheese slice, cheese breadsticks, and brownies (which seemed suspicious... Voir plusly soft, but I don't mind soft brownies). Perhaps the brownies weren't cooked all the way, or someone had a dirty glove. By midnight I began feeling discomfort. By 2pm I was making trips to the bathroom, puking, dry-heaving, was in a cold sweat all night, felt like my whole body was vibrating. I didn't feel better till 11am, still feel my gut clenching. Nearly called 911,i felt like I was dying.
Otherwise I've never gotten sick from this spot. I only eat here bcuz I have gift cards.
Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis Pizza, Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC, USA

Symptômes: Diarrhea Nausea
Cicis Pizza, 6120 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, 29212 South Carolina, United States

8 septembre 2019 06:45

“Went there last night woke up in the middle of the night with horrible gut wrenching pain, spent 2 hours on the toilet ? I would not recommend eating here as I got food poisoning my stomach is in so much pain. Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis Pizza, Market Street, Farmington, MO, USA

Symptômes: Diarrhea
Cicis Pizza, 798 Market Street, Farmington, 63640 Missouri, United States

13 août 2019 15:26

“I believe the salad. We went on the day of monday August 12th today is the 13th. That same nite I was experiancing bad cramping and frequent bowel movements. And as well as today. I researched and found a lot of problems with the lotus, I am the only one who got sick but also the only one to eat sa... Voir pluslad on the date of August 12th 2019 Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis, North Druid Hills Road Northeast, Decatur, GA, USA

Symptômes: Nausea Vomiting
Cicis, 3912 North Druid Hills Road Northeast, Decatur, 30033 Georgia, United States

6 avril 2019 13:13

“I went to a cicis and I got some brownies cheese and pepperoni and garlic bread the symptoms Right away were nausea which turned into vomiting this was the case whenever I went there Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis, International Drive, Orlando, FL, USA

Symptômes: Vomiting Nausea
Cicis, 7437 International Drive, Orlando, 32819 Florida, United States

22 mars 2019 04:09

“Cicis pizza was horrible. The place was very not clean, food tasted awful, not fresh and very overpriced. One of the kids started throwing up about 2 hours after eating there! Very very angry, One of the kids got sick two hours after eating there. Symptoms started with stomach pain right away at th... Voir pluse pizza place than got home and it got worst and worst and. Now at 4 am seill throwing up and in a lot of pain. Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur

Cicis, South Willow Avenue, Cookeville, TN, USA

Symptômes: Vomiting Diarrhea Nausea
Cicis, 541 South Willow Avenue, Cookeville, 38501 Tennessee, United States

9 mars 2019 10:30

Pizza, 2 days and went to the doctor Voir moins
Rapporté par l'utilisateur
Visite chez le médecin: Oui
Diagnostic: Doctor visit