Buffalo Wild Wings

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
South Strang Line Road, Olathe, 66062 Kansas, United States
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Buffalo Wild Wings
“On 02/20/2016 at approximately 19:00 hours My husband and I stopped by Buffalo Wild Wings to have a date night dinner since we had a $25 gift card.
I ate the BBQ grilled chicken sandwich with beer battered onion rings and a mountain dew.
My husband ate the Big Jack Daddy Burger with fries and Dr pepper. We ate outside on their patio because it was a nice night.
Afterwards we came home and watched "Fun With Dick & Jane" on DVD. Then we went to bed. At approximately 04:30 hours I was woke up to the feeling of needing to vomit, I almost didn't make it to the bathroom and I threw up in my hands and then in the toilet. I felt like it was non-stop and I couldn't catch my breath and the whole time I'm trying to hold in what's trying to happen on the other end. When it was ALL over I brushed my teeth and grabbed a tall trashcan from the kitchen and went and Sat on my bed. My husband woke up and looked at the clock he thought he sleep all day until I informed its AM not PM.
He asked if I was ok. I said "No, I feel like I got food poisoning, I just threw up and had so much diarrhea that I'm scared to laid down and go back to sleep." He got up got my a hot wash cloth and was trying to take care of me and his stomach started rumbling and turning and....
My husband grabbed the anal bedroom trashcan and vomited in it all the way to the bathroom and then continued vomiting into the toilet, after the vomiting he also had the sudden diarrhea that he almost couldn't hold in to switch positions on the toilet.
We both laid in bed for so long without vomiting and we thought it was over. At approximately 05:30 hours I could feel myself dosing off, then I was suddenly and without warning, woke up by the vomit fit I began having in the kitchen trashcan next to my bed. I didn't even have the strength to lift my head, I laid on the rim of the trashcan and just vomited down the side of my face into the trashcan.
And here we are at 11:00 hours, fighting over the bathroom due to continued vomit and diarrhea.

Are the symptoms of food poisoning contagious? We have kids!”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
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