Dominos Pizza

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
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“We ordered 1 pizza (tossed philly cheese steak), 14 piece wings , 1 philly cheese sandwich and chocolate lava crunch cake. After having dinner, we settled in to watch a movie, and in about 1-2 hrs, I started feeling quesy, but ignored it, thinking it was the sleep. Next morning I woke up, and straight way, the vomittng started for both me and my wife. Our kid had 1/2 a pizza slice, and seemed OK at first... but by 10:00 AM, she was also throwing up, and complaining of "tummy pain". My whole body was hurting, and the vomiting, and infectious diarrhea was adding to the agony. Same symptoms were shown by my wife, and finally, my kid had the diarrhea as well.

I called dominos pizza and talked to the manager to warn them of the issue.

My wife is a doctor, and based on the symptoms, and the food intake, she and I am certain, its because of the dominos pizza.”
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