El Pollo Loco, Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, 95824 California, United States
El Pollo Loco, Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, United States
“I ordered a three piece combo meal - after getting home I opened the container - the chicken was very dry and hard - I ate one of the pieces and could not eat any more - I called and complained to the lady that answered the phone she instruced me to come back or they would correct on my next visit - she took my name and said to ask for manager when i return. I decided to go back after talking to her - after getting there she said the reason i got that chicken was due to a large catering party order earlier - and that is the reason i got the chicken wings and legs - they were out of the thighs that I had ordered and she was sorry - she said what we could do is give you a couple of breast pieces that is all they had - or i could wait 15 minutes for the other chicken to cook - I told her i would take the breasts - and that's what I took home and ate. I saved one of the pieces in the refrigerator and had it today - about 7pm I started to have severe stomach cramping and diarrhea to where my stomach pain and abdomenl cramping lasted for sometime - the pain was extremely painful along with feeling nauseated - dry mouthed - and a bad headache - I called and made a appt with my Dr.”
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