In-N-Out Burger, Pacific Boulevard, Huntington Park, CA, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 2 years ago
6000 Pacific Boulevard, Huntington Park, 90255 California, United States
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“Today around 4 ate at In& out Burger in Huntington Park. From the moment I bit into the burger something tasted off. The meat had a weird taste to it almost resembled the smell of cow maneuver. I told myself that it was probably just the onions & cheese . None the less, after a few bites I got turned off by the whole meal. My appetite just went away. When I looked at the patty it looked very dark as if it were old . So I just stopped eating and discarded the rest ofyour meal. I didn't tell the workers because I figured they would just offer me another burger . And to be honest that would of just made matters worse . So after that I left and went about the rest of my day . About an hour later I noticed that my stomach started to bubble and feel bloated . So I thought it was time to cut my day short and call it a day and go home . So then I got home and just relaxed. About 3 hours later when I finally decided to go to sleep I started feeling an immense short pain in my lower abdomen. I then waited it out to see if I just was bloated perhaps from the grease from fries & burger . Within 10 mins my stomach pain started to subside. Then I got hit with extreme nausea ! I have never ran faster to the bathroom in my life . I could literally feel the food travel up my esophagus. I couldn't fight it , nature took its course . I let out an extreme amount of gas then I threw up slow chunks of that burger . Sorry to be so graphic but I feel the need to be very descriptive. As I'm vomiting I'm throwing up chunks of food, pure orange & brown chunks .I'm just going to take a wild guess and say it was ruminants of that BURGER. All I can think is , that I'm going to pass out . I have never vomited so hard in my life . My vomit was so strong that it pushed me back and away from my toilet . Which caused alot of the bits and chunks of food to get everywhere in my bathroom . I thought I was about to pass out & have no control of my vomit. As I'm vomiting I'm gathering pinesol and clean around where I threw up . The smell was that rancid . Which brings me to believe that that ground beef that was used for the burger was spoiled just plain no good ! And caused me severe food poisoning. I'm hoping that I don't experience any further problems tonight . So far I feel a sly of relief from nausea ,unfortunately now the pain is kicking in. It's pain all in my throat / back & stomach . I'm freaking out hoping that it's just soreness from throwing up . I ought to sue this establishment from the sickness & pain I'm experiencing. Please beware of eating from this place”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea, fever and vomiting